'We've Got A Very Diverse Country': What Beau Ryan Learned About The 11 'Amazing Race' Teams

When casting for 'The Amazing Race Australia', host Beau Ryan said it was important to find 11 teams that represented the country.

"It's hard to hit a reality show and get so much diversity," he told 10 daily, "I think we've done that. Especially in [Australia], we've got a very diverse country."

The 11 teams feature various relationships -- couples, siblings, colleagues, best mates and... nuns -- as well as a mix of ages, races, religions and creeds.

It's a realistic portrayal of what Australia actually looks like, but it also brings a swathe of life experiences to the table, which the former rugby player believed would even the playing field.

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The Amazing Race Australia 2019: Meet The 11 Teams

It's almost time for our 11 teams to set-off on one of the wildest adventures on TV, but first, let's meet them.

"At the end of the day anyone can win," Beau said, "when you get down to the top four or three... you need to be lucky, that's why I like the show. Anyone can win $250,000."

Initially, Beau admitted he saw some of the younger fit teams as the obvious winners, "I was quite wrong," he added. And after audiences see just how challenging the race can be, Beau's also certain the show will break a few records.

"I've already told people we're doing 10 seasons," he joked, "we had a crazy amount [of applications] this year without anyone knowing what this show was going to be like. We're going to have a record number next year, I know for a fact."

While some hosts of shows get time to spend with contestants or teams -- bonding with them over the show's production, for Beau things are a little more difficult. Not only are teams racing across countries barely stopping to see him at pit stops for longer than a few minutes, but he's only a few steps in front of them.

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"Even though they're only there for five minutes I still could learn a lot about people, especially at the end of the day when they're fatigued, upset and broken," Beau said.

"You learn a lot about people. I was vulnerable too!"

In one case Beau revealed he had been standing in the desert for eight hours waiting at a pit stop for teams. "My whole face was fully just covered in salt and sand. I was hurting and they were hurting. We're going through the same pain! Theirs was much harder... but they had a bigger prize at the end of it!"

Watching as teams progressed, Beau also saw how the pressures of the race can affect teams.

"It brings a lot of people together, It did fracture some people but you find out a lot about yourself," he said, "I found a lot about myself just being on the road -- I can only imagine what the teams went through."

The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.