Jonathan LaPaglia Gets In On The #GoldenTowelChallenge

The 'Australian Survivor' host has thrown a spanner in the works of Golden God David Genat's Instagram challenge.

In case you missed it, some of your favourite 'Survivor' stars have been revealing... quite a lot over on Instagram.

It all started when international model, self-professed 'Golden God' and 'Australian Survivor: All Stars' contestant David Genat posted a bit of a saucy pic to his Instagram.

After getting roasted by some of his tribemates, David decided to challenge everyone to re-create the pic, and boy did they.

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David Genat Is Inspiring 'Survivor' Stars To Strip Off With His 'Golden Towel Challenge'

If you've seen a few of your favourite 'Survivor' stars posing semi-nude on your Instagram feed -- you've got David Genat to thank.

Not to be outdone, Jonathan LaPaglia decided to show he really was the host with the most... guts, that is.

Posting his take on the #GoldenTowelChallenge -- the #changemyoilchallenge -- Jonathan was, in his own words, working hard.

Meanwhile, the challenge is spreading across Insta with contestants from all seasons of 'Australian Survivor' posing alongside their towels.

Moana Hope, Daisy Richardson, Shaun Hampson, John Eastoe and Samuel Hinton were a few brave enough to post theirs to their Instagram grids. Meanwhile, if you're following your faves on IG, you might want to check out their stories!

Seriously, it's taking over!

Others getting in on the challenge include Rob Skibicki, Lockie Gilbert, Lee Carseldine, Felicity Egginton, Zach Kozyrski, Sharn Coombes, Mark "Tarzan" Herlaar, Jericho Malabonga and Lydia Lassila have all gotten in on the action -- and that's not even everyone!

Make sure to check it out. Just don't do it awkwardly at work like we did.

Photo: Instagram @davidgenat.
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