Here's What Angie's Parents Had To Say About All The Bachelors

The Kents arrived at the 'Bachelorette' mansion and they didn't hold back in letting Angie know exactly what they thought.

Unlike the undercover arrival of Angie's brother Brad earlier in the season, the boys were at least warned that they'd be meeting their potential in-laws and attempted to showcase their best selves.

The bachelors were split into two groups, with five of the boys set up to chat to Angie's mum Jane (and also cook the family roast) while the other five were sent for a 'fun' interrogation game with Mark over a few beers in the garden.

Uh-oh! Photo: Network 10.

We first met Angie's parents in episode one when Mark said he was cool with anyone his daughter picked, as long as they weren't from NSW.

Although after sitting down to chat with the boys, state rivalries were probably the last thing on his mind.

After Mark and Jane sussed out the ten "larrikins", as Timm put it, they collated their findings for a no bullsh** sitdown with Angie.

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"If we're looking at the Angie, settle down wanna have kids type I'd go for Carlin," said Mark, adding that the dreamboat, "seems like the right kind of guy".

It's also important to note that as the camera panned to Carlin, the magical twinkly 'Bachelorette' music chimed romantically.

Verdict: A thumbs up for Carlin.


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"If you still want to be travelling and having fun and not have kids till you're 40 -- then old mate Ciarran would probably be the one," papa Kent advised, so it's good to know the full-frontal nudity of the life drawing class didn't work against him.

Verdict: A sort of thumbs up, we think?

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"Timm, I'm not sure he's ready to settle down," said Jane, before adding that he was "gorgeous, funny and really lovely".

But Mark was a bit harsher on poor Timmy, saying he was "too much" and would "drive you f***ing mad after a while" and "pester you at the dinner table".

Which seems very specific and may we add, Timm the country is highly in love with your dinner table pestering.

Verdict: Timm is a precious sunflower that must be protected at all costs.

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Jane said she thinks Angie has a lot in common with Ryan but Mark noted that the boys told him that he's untrustworthy -- which Angie didn't take too much notice of, brushing it off as jealousy. Next!

Verdict: Mum says yes, Dad not so sure.


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"Jamie's name has come up," said Angie's dad, which is more than we can say for poor Glenn, Alex and Hadyn.

Mark went on to say that the boys described how needy Jamie has been and that Angie should "steer clear of him".

"I think he's a little bit intense," said Jane, with Angie taking these comments very seriously, later sitting down to chat with Jamie at the cocktail party.

Verdict: It's not looking great for old mate Jamie.

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Alex, Glenn, Hadyn, Jackson, Matt... 

Photo: Network 10.

What's worse -- having someone's parents think you're clingy or not even registering on their radar?

The doomed five didn't cop a mention, or make it to the final edit and, surprise, surprise, poor Glenn was sent home!

We'll never know what Mark and Jane thought of him, but he probably received a glowing review.

Verdict: Alex, Hadyn, Jackson and Matt might need to up the ante to get Angie's attention because her parents have no idea who they are.

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