Kyle Sandilands Just Promised To Give Tommy Little 10K Live On 'The Project'

Kyle Sandilands might have just made a very expensive appearance on 'The Project'.

Stopping by the show via a live feed from Sydney to chat about 'Trial By Kyle', Sandilands explained that he was earning a lot of money -- "oil tycoon" levels of money, in case you were wondering.

And while the rest of the panel attempted to keep soldiering through the very loose interview, Tommy Little saw the banter, not as a hindrance to talking about Kyle's new 'Judge Judy' style show, but as a golden opportunity.

"Kyle, I don't usually ask this of our guests but can I have $10,000?" Tommy piped up.

Photo: Network 10.

After a short pause and a smile, Kyle replied, "Done!", clearly bemused by Tommy's bold request.

"Ten grand for you, I'm not joking," Kyle said, adding, "I'll send it to ya!"

After Tommy thanked Kyle for the donation, Hamish McDonald tried to press on with some more serious questioning, but Tommy interrupted.

"Why aren't you asking for money?" he said to his colleague.

"Because I'm not desperate like you," Hamish replied, saying he's "got a little bit of dignity" despite sitting next to Tommy on the desk for so long.

Photo: Network 10.



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It's the show that answers the age-old question: what would you get if you crossed 'Judge Judy' with a goon bag.

After dodging some more distractions from Kyle (about whether he was trying to claim Waleed Aly's spot at the desk), Hamish asked whether it was his sense of justice that attracted him to the new series.

"I am a very righteous person, I am a quite righteous person when push comes to shove and I don't like the little guy getting screwed over," he replied.

"I've been the little guy, I've been a homeless teenager, I've lived [on] $11,000 a year, $28,000 [thinking] 'Oh, I'm killing it, I can pay some bills...people coming to repossess the car -- I've lived all those lives.

"Now I'm living the life of some oil tycoon from the Middle East so it's much better [but] everyone constantly needs help and I think we should all try and help out a little bit, just a tiny bit, and make a big world of difference."

'Trial by Kyle' premieres Thursday, October 24 at 8.30 on 10 and WIN Network.