The Amazing Race's Alpaca Farmer Remembers Saving His Daughter From A Great White

In October 2017, Chris Williams' daughter Sarah was kayaking at Lady Bay on Adelaide's south coast when a 4.5m great white shark bumped the boat, tossing her into the ocean.

Acting quickly, Chris and his son Mitchell sped towards Sarah, plucking her from the water as her feet grazed the shark's body.

Speaking to The Advertiser in August, Mitchell said it was a miracle that the engine of the tinny he and his dad were in started on the first pull.

Chris, meanwhile, remembered the milliseconds he and Mitch had to act. "Other people wouldn't have responded quite so quickly," he told 10 daily, "and I hate to think of the other option if we hadn't," he said, adding, "We try not to think about that aspect of it."

Chris and his wife Adrienne are one of the eleven teams competing in the upcoming season of 'The Amazing Race Australia', battling to win the $250,000 prize.

The Amazing Race's Alpaca Farmer Remembers Saving His Daughter From A Great White
Chris and Adrienne are set to take on 'The Amazing Race'. Photo: Network 10.

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It's no surprise that for teams on 'The Amazing Race', their relationships are put under immense strain.

"We can be sitting down at dinner sometimes and Adrienne and I will look at each other and go "we still don't know how we ever got out'."

While Chris and Adrienne were filming 'Amazing Race', Mitch received word that he and his dad had received a commendation for brave conduct by the Governer-General.

"That was a good thing," Chris said, "it meant [Mitch] -- rather than being the son of Chris and Adrienne -- was the one in the limelight," he said.

Chris and Adrienne will have their own fair share of the limelight when 'The Amazing Race' kicks off on October 28, with the Alpaca Farmer and his firefighter wife tackling the intense challenge together.

"Put it this way," he told 10 daily, "I've had people from all around Australia -- and even around the world -- seeing the promo of my camel experience."

"You haven't seen anything yet," he promised.

"Adrienne and I are both crazy, we like doing things that challenge us, doing things people normally wouldn't think about doing," he said. "We're not scared, and we've always been that way.

"I suppose that goes a long way to answering how we've stayed together for 30 years. When you have a life that you and your partner are prepared to do something and be challenged, it becomes an adventure."

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While Adrienne's job keeps her fighting fit -- and her love of competing in obstacle course challenges like Tough Mudder and True Grit -- Chris said he may have left a little to be desired in the fitness side of preparing for the race.

"As far as body and strength, I'm pretty fit with the animals and the farm," he said, "you're always doing a lot of things. But aerobically fit... I should have been a little more as far as running-wise."

Chris also said the physical aspect wasn't the only strain the pair felt on the race.

"It's the stress of not being able to work out a clue, the not knowing if you're first or last. You could get a bad taxi and then all of a sudden, you're last," Chris said.

"You don't know that until you hit that mat at the end of the day. There is no way of preparing yourself."

The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.