How Freediving Prepared Adam Sellars For Whatever 'The Bachelorette' Threw At Him

He wasn't the biggest character on 'The Bachelorette', but professional freediver Adam was more than prepared for whatever the show threw his way.

Admitting that he may have let some of the bigger personalities in the house take a front seat while in the mansion, Adam told 10 daily the work, coaching and way he leads his life -- he was more than happy to avoid the drama.

"So no wonder I was invisible," he said with a laugh.

Adam is not only a freediver but also founded The Pressure Project, where he provides courses in freediving as well as coaching, mentoring, workshops and retreats using the principals of the sport for mental health and wellness.

"It came through my own struggle with depression and mental illness," he told 10 daily over the phone, "I found this sport in freediving, and I found a way to deal with the pressures of life on land."

Studying the way the brain works -- how we can go without food and water for long periods of time, "but take oxygen away and you very quickly see how someone deals with pressure," -- Adam explained that he was able to link controlling your emotional state and calming your mind "with one breath".

One of the moments Adam did have with Angie at a cocktail party he said was around this principal. "Obviously there was a lot of drama and it seemed to be getting to her," he said.

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"I ran her through a guided meditation, she seemed to get a lot out of that, some peace and quiet... some space for five minutes."

Pushing the body to its limits, freedivers dive underwater without any breathing apparatus, just using a single breath.

While Adam's been freediving for over four years, after just two he was selected to compete at the Caribbean Cup -- one of the biggest international freediving competitions in the world.

"The biggest kick I get is when people make huge breakthroughs," he said, "I just ran a retreat and a guy on the first day started crying before diving into this huge sinkhole. In the end he dove down 17 metres.

"I really enjoy seeing people have those mental wins and taking that to their everyday life, which is what I did," he added.

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But freediving wasn't the only thing that Adam had tucked up his sleeve, his mum and step-dad are Allan and Barbara Pease, the body language experts.

"I grew up following them around, my step-dad was speaking all over the world," he said. Adam thinks part of the reason why he fell (or dived) into the world of public speaking was having watched his folks do it for so much of his childhood.

"Quite often we focus on what people say, but that's only 40 percent of it. The other 60 percent is body language, it's a representation of our mental state," he said.

"Even with Angie, what she was saying wasn't quite lining up with her body language," he revealed, adding, "you've also got to remember to take things in context. The old folding of the arms is defensive, but they might be at a bus stop and they might be cold."

"It definitely has helped across the years. It seems my step-dad only taught me things that would help me pick-up girls," he said before adding, "it didn't work with Angie!"

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