'You Can't Treat Everyone Like A Piece Of S--t': Scot Fuller And Tom Bowdidge Spill On Explosive Cocktail Party

While Scot and Tom both survived their comedy group date, it was a fiery cocktail party confrontation that saw the pair really standing up.

Speaking separately to 10 daily via the phone after the rose ceremony which saw both Scot and Tom sent home, the boys reflected on what had happened during their last cocktail party.

Most of the bachelors became incensed when intruder Ryan stole Angie away for a private chat, despite having had the single date earlier and already receiving a rose.

"I had just had enough," Tom said of the decision several of the boys made to confront Ryan after his time with Angie, "He had a lot of time and to cut everybody's grass, I think it comes down to common respect.

"We're all there for the same person, but he didn't gel. You know, he's like, 'I'm not here for you, I'm here for her' and fair enough, but you've got to be around us 24/7," he added.

Scot Fuller And Tom Bowdidge Spill On Explosive Cocktail Party
Tom confronted Ryan at the last cocktail party. Photo: Network 10.

Meanwhile, Scot agreed there seemed to be "a lot of distrust" when it came to Ryan.

"You can't treat everyone in the house like a piece of s--t," he said, "I guess I got a bit fired up with that. The boys are there for each other and they're there for Angie," he added.

"I feel for him as well being an intruder, it's hard to walk in with 20-or-so boys when he walked in, there's that side to it too," Scot added.

And while it would be easy to chalk up Tom and Scot's departure that night to Ryan stealing Angie away, Scot revealed he knew before that moment that he was heading home.

During the stand-up date, Scot was trying to write his set when Angie approached him to speak about how he had stood up for her during Jess Glasgow's outbursts earlier in the season.

"I guess I was a bit distracted," he said, "I was wigging out a bit, we were about to do this [comedy show] and she got upset at me because I didn't go deep into conversation with her.

Scot Fuller And Tom Bowdidge Spill On Explosive Cocktail Party
Scot's comedy set took... an unexpected turn. Photo: Network 10.

"That's why I tried to come back at the cocktail party, there was a lot going on but I kind of mucked up. I was trying to get her to appreciate how vulnerable we were making ourselves, what we were doing to prove ourselves to her."

Scot said he could tell after their conversation that he was likely not getting a rose that night, "I think I was just unlucky," he added. "I was nervous and stressed -- we didn't have a lot of time to get ready, she wanted to talk deep and I wasn't in that headspace."

Both Scot and Tom were surprised how they came away with such strong friendships from their time in the house.

"I think it's one of the best seasons so far," Tom said, adding, "maybe it's the cast."

"Besides going in for Angie, the best thing is the new friends and the experience. Not many people get to have 21 dudes in one house fighting for one girl. It's a competition and it's not," Tom said, "You're competing, but you're friends. It's a weird love circle.

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