'Actually One Of The Hardest Things': What The 'Amazing Race' Influencers Had Trouble Leaving Behind

It's just like the ancient riddle: 'If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it still make a sound?'

If an influencer visits a picturesque location and doesn't post it to Instagram, were they really even there?

For Bondi couple, Sid and Ash, signing up for 'The Amazing Race Australia' meant giving up their usual habit of taking snaps of their travels, their daily lives in Sydney's eastern suburbs, and sharing it to their tens of thousands of followers on social media.

"That was actually one of the hardest things, to be honest," Sid told 10 daily over the phone ahead of the show's premiere. 

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"But then halfway through, we realised that we were actually being followed by camera crews so we were still able to pose and show the world what we did," he added. 

"I think there was a moment in one of the countries where Ash turned around and was like, ‘I wish I could take a photo of this’ and I was like, ‘Ash, look around, we’ve got a camera and an audio guy following us around so I’m sure you’ll be alright’. 

As well as feeling safe in the knowledge their every move was still being captured, Sid and Ash found that being forced to give up the convenience of iPhone cameras, online maps and social media as they raced around the globe acted as a much-needed detox.

"The first week we kinda noticed it, there was something missing there but then we got used to it by the second week," he said of travelling without technology. 

"You’re really present and in the moment, there are things that you wouldn’t see or pay attention to when you have your phone on you and, to be honest, both of us really enjoyed it," Sid told 10 daily. 

The absence of phones also helped the couple focus on the actual race. Sid explained that their fitness levels helped give them an edge, with their preparation for the show more or less mirroring their daily exercise routines.

"We actually pretty much just kept on doing what we do every day which is basically doing cardio sessions at F45 down in Bondi in the morning and then lifting weights in the afternoon," Sid said. 

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"We kind of tightened up our diet, we went on a vegetarian diet for a little bit and that was about it," he added. 

The influencer couple also meditated together in the lead up to the show, and during filming, but that didn't mean they weren't occasionally butting heads.

"The biggest challenge was both Ash and I are very A-type personalities, we can be quite explosive when it comes to decision making and wanting to lead one another, so the hardest part for us was probably managing the relationship, more than anything," Sid told 10 daily. 

When asked what impression Australia might get of the couple after watching them on 'The Amazing Race', Sid admitted that they weren't afraid of playing dirty and may come across as a little "competitive".

"To be completely frank, we played fairly true to how we behave at a competitive level," he said. 

"Both Ash and I were elite swimmers growing up and I was a freestyle sprinter. Going into each final at a fitness level, everyone was on the same page so you actually had to step out on the blocks and know that you were going to win the race before you actually did it.

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"You had to kind of manifest a level of confidence to get there. And that’s what I did and what we did throughout the race. "

And as the 'Amazing Race' promo has shown us, 'manifesting confidence' might be code for 'stealing from nuns' and, my God, we can't wait for this.

The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.