'It's All I Think About': Jamie Set His Alarm A Little Too Early For A Single Date

Firefighter Jamie has been putting himself through Bachelorette boot camp -- in a state of cat-like readiness for a single date.

Knowing that Angie would arrive at the mansion the following day for a single date with an unnamed bachelor, Jamie made sure he wasn't going to miss a thing.

"A single date with Angie is everything for me, it's all I think about every day in the mansion," he explained.

"I wake up and I think about it, I go to sleep and I think about it -- everything I do is geared towards a single date with Angie," Jamie added.

Photo: Network 10.

But after being dobbed in by Scot, we're not sure if Jamie has been sleeping at all, seemingly in a constant Christmas-eve-like state of anticipation.

"Jamie is desperately wanting this single date today," dished Scot.

"He actually woke up at midnight, I think, actually -- he was going to get ready at midnight!"

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But after asking the rest of the boys (who were presumably still just awake, hanging out) what time it was, he announced that he should "probably go back to bed".

The face of someone who is not getting up early for any girl. Photo: Network 10.

We're not sure if waking up several hours early means you're any more prepared for a date. In fact, it probably means you'll have wrinkled clothes, scruffy hair and be wanting to faceplant into your dessert because you've been away for 21 hours.

A presumably well-rested Ryan was chosen by Angie for the firefighting-themed date instead. Another kick in the guts for actual firefighter Jamie whose eyes probably lit up when the truck rolled up to the mansion.

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Luckily, Jamie thought of a creative solution to spend more time with Angie at the cocktail party and score himself another rose -- by presenting her with a pair of socks to hide her hideous feet!

Photo: Network 10.

We just hope he gets some rest before he gets called up for an actual single date.

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