'One Of The Oddest Things I've Done In My Career': Harley Breen Crashes A Bachelorette Group Date

This week, Angie tests the funny bones of some of her bachelors by throwing them on stage to perform a comedy set.

Thankfully the boys have some expert help from comedian and 'Taboo' star Harley Breen who was on-hand to give the bachelors a steer in the right direction.

"It's gotta be up there with one of the oddest things that I've ever done in my career," Harley told 10 daily over the phone.

Standing next to Osher as he explained to the Bachelors just what they were about to do -- perform in front of Angie, Harley and a packed audience... not to mention do the whole thing filmed to be shown to the nation -- Harley said he took a lot of joy in watching the bachelor's faces.

"I always find it funny that the number one fear in life is public speaking," he said, "in terms of a percentage of people that have fear, public speaking is number one and death is number two."

"Surely death is worse," he said.

Harley Breen Crashes A Bachelorette Group Date
Some of the boys are less than impressed with the group date. Photo: Network 10.

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While some of the bachelors had some experience in public speaking, Harley said most of them were apprehensive about stepping on stage to do a comedy set.

When asked who he thought was a natural comedian, Harley said, "I'm going to have to be absolutely transparent. I can't remember any of their names."

"I guess there's an element of surprise, there were genuinely some of the guys who showed a real natural aptitude to engage an audience," he added.

At the other end of the spectrum, there were a few fellas who... did not do so well.

"Which was also the best part for me," Harley said, "One of the hidden secrets of the stand-up comedy world is what makes comedians laugh -- usually a close mate -- just tanking."

Harley's biggest tip for the boys was pretty simple: Tell your story.

"If you tell your story, if you start with your experiences in your life then you can't go wrong! Every joke has been written, but people's personal stories and anecdotes haven't.

Harley Breen Crashes A Bachelorette Group Date
Your guess is as good as ours... Photo: Network 10.

The other tip Harley gave was not to punch down.

"Choose very carefully who you make jokes about and what level of dominance you're in, in that context."

Harley's had his fair share of figuring out how to navigate that last tip when he's been tasked to tell jokes about people with disabilities, victims of racism or even those living with terminal illnesses while on 'Taboo'. So we couldn't help but ask, what's harder: trying to tell jokes about marginalised groups or pretending a group of dudes on 'The Bachelorette' were funny.

"'Bachelorette' was harder than 'Taboo'," he said, laughing. "'Taboo' had such a wonderful framework for comedy. Even if you just look at that old equation tragedy plus time equals comedy, there was such a willingness for the participants to be part of the joke.

"'The Bachelorette' I was coming in completely cold. I didn't know any of the guys, I've got no context to them so I was very fish out of water."

Thankfully it wasn't his job to write jokes about the boys, "So in that way it was far, far easier than 'Taboo'!" All he had to do was make sure they didn't completely bomb.

We can't wait to see how this turns out.

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