Sweaty Hands And Warm Feet: What You Might Have Missed On 'The Bachelorette'

It only took two minutes for this episode of 'The Bachelorette' to descend into hilarity, so we've gathered up the best bits that you might have missed.

Angie decided to challenge the boys to standup comedy and firefighting, to see who could make her laugh and save her from a burning house -- what could go wrong?

Stand And Deliver 

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After a group date card hinted that the boys would have to "stand and deliver" Jamie optimistically suggested that they might be delivering... anniversary presents to people --  which was met with puzzled faces from the rest of the bachelors and even a few confused noises from the birds.

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Little did they know, the actual group date would be much, much more torturous than Jamie's idea of modern dating.

The Bachelorette Comedy Club (Where Comedy Goes To Die)

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The bachelors entered Sydney's Comedy Store for the group date and were met with the nightmare-inducing news that they'd be tasked with writing and performing their own stand-up routines for Angie -- and a whole crowd of strangers. The only person more horrified to be along for the ride was comedian Harley Breen who was roped in to try and teach the boys the art of being funny in the space of a few hours.

While natural comedian Ciarran regaled the crowd with his life-drawing nudity experience and Timm told a bizarre story about ducks that somehow landed, the rest dropped a series of clangers, bombs and, in Scot's case, his pants.

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While Scot's attempt at nudity failed, Ciarran's anecdote about getting naked tickled Angie's funny bones and the Brit scored alone time with the Bachelorette, as well as a pash and a rose.

A Sweaty Connection With Ryan 

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Even though firefighter Jamie got up several hours early in anticipation of the next single date, it was dog-guy Ryan who scored the red card. The date was fireman-themed (rubbing salt into Jamie's wounds, no doubt) and Angie and Ryan got up-close and personal as they fought a few fake fires and abseiled down the side of the building.

But the real connection between the pair (who had DM'd each other previously but never met) came when they tenderly held each other's hands after their busy day of wrangling fire hoses.

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"Do you get sweaty hands too? That's crazy!" Angie excitedly asked, before later saying she'd found her "sweat soul mate"

Ryan then told an emotional story about his congenital heart defect and scored a rose but we're pretty sure it was the sweat-connection that got him over the line.

Jamie Took A Note From The Mother-In-Laws Xmas Gift Guide 

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Jamie's been stinging for any kind of alone time with Angie and, after failing to score a single date, decided to take matters into his own mittens.

After learning that Angie is self-conscious about her feet, he decided to buy her something that your mum, mum-in-law or grandma might throw into your Santa sack with a pair of undies.

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After being handed the small box Angie hoped it was a "small puppy" but was instead met with, "a pair of socks, mate" as Ciarran put it.

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Jamie promised it wasn't about covering up her flaws, and instead promised that the magical socks would cure any kind of depression and leave the wearer with strong feelings of love and positivity.

"Ohhhhh, bless youuuuuuuu!" said Angie, applauding his thoughtfulness and giving him a little pat on the shoulder.

Bollocks To You!

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Ryan's made it clear he only signed up to 'The Bachelorette' for Angie -- but the rest of the Bach boys haven't been too happy that he just wants to... spend time with Angie. Ciarran declared it was absolute "bollocks" that Ryan wasn't interested in friendship and was more interested in being an Angie hog.

But just as the old saying goes, the early hog gets the rose!

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Adam, Tom and Scot (who might have been too focused on their friendships with Ciarran in the mansion??) -- were sent home without a rose and were given their goodbye whispers from Osher.

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