'Suck Eggs, I Beat You This Time!' The Message Rob Mills Sent To Paulini After His 'Masked Singer' Reveal

After months of keeping one of TV's biggest secrets under wraps, Rob Mills has finally been able to start letting everyone know that he was 'The Masked Singer's talented Wolf.

Speaking to 10 daily on the phone after the grand finale, Millsy said he'd only informed a handful of loved ones that he'd signed up for the wacky singing competition before it went to air.

"Just my girlfriend and my dad (but I didn't tell him which show it was) and my brothers," Millsy said of the select bunch, adding that he did face some serious grilling from his nieces.

"My seven and nine-year-old nieces rang me on FaceTime last night and were like, "You lied to us! You said you weren't the Wolf, you're a liar," he laughed, mimicking their furious yet adorable voices.

Photo: Network 10.

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While Millsy's phone was undoubtedly blowing up following his unmasking, there was one person he'd been itching to get in contact with himself since last week's episode -- Paulini Curuenavuli. 

The pair shot to fame on 'Australian Idol' in 2003 when Paulini came fourth and Millsy placed fifth in the first season of the singing competition -- but sixteen years later, the tables had turned.

"I sent Paulini a message saying 'Suck eggs, I beat you this time,'" he laughed.

He added that he's also sent winner Cody Simpson (aka Robot) a message "to say thanks for all the fist pumps and hugs, because I had no idea who he was!"

Photo: Network 10.

Along with Robot and Monster, Millsy's Wolf made it all the way to the grand finale and his time on the show was characterised by a diverse range of song genres from "Disco Inferno" to "Man, I Feel Like A Woman".

Millsy told 10 daily that even though some of his favourite songs went to other people (ahem, Robot) like "Hold Back The River" he did get to sing tracks he might not have picked himself.

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"I've got a pretty weird... not weird but broad and eclectic taste in music, so  I'm glad I got to sort of showcase a bit of that. I mean, I would never have chosen 'Shallow' but I was like, 'Sure, I'll give it a go!'.

"And I got to sing, 'Man I Feel Like A Woman' which I think is pretty camp and hilarious."

Photo: Network 10.

Mills told 10 daily that he was living a double life during 'The Masked Singer' filming, having to excuse himself from his day job on the set of 'Neighbours'.

"I had to get out of 'Neighbours' for about two or three weeks but I flew back and forth a few times and they're like, 'Oh, well, you had a day off, where were you?' And I'd say, 'Oh I had a corporate gig for Leggo's -- I'd just made up some brand," he laughed.

"But even the producers who had no idea, Channel 10 had to ask 'Neighbours' if I could have time off and they said, 'Oh, Rob's shooting a pilot'".

Luckily, Millsy said he's not too active on social media and was able to avoid fans guessing that he might the Wolf.

"The good thing for me is that I don't spend a whole lot of time online normally so yeah, "I was thinking, thank God!"

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