‘Mum, This Is Your Wish, Here I Am’: Monster Revealed After Placing Third On ‘The Masked Singer’

After weeks of emotional ballads, tears and clues about Shania Twain, we finally learnt the identity of ‘The Masked Singer’s Monster and the reason she signed up to the show.

Before singing P!nk’s “What About Us”, Monster said that it would be “a glorious surprise” if she won the competition, further fuelling the panel’s suspicions that it wasn’t a professional singer hiding under the furry costume.

After guesses from the panel included Isla Fisher, Kasey Chambers and Lisa McCune it was just Jackie O who correctly guessed…


Photo: Network 10.

The reveal was a huge shock to Dave Hughes, who mentioned that he went to school with Gorgi and probably should have guessed her identity.

“I had no idea you could sing this well!” he said.

Gorgi explained that there were two very important reasons that she decided to sign up for ‘The Masked Singer’ -- her mum and her daughter.

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“Mum’s always said to me, ‘Why are you wasting that beautiful voice?’

“Mum had a really tough battle with cancer 18 months ago and pulled through like this incredible woman. So mum, this is your wish, here I am.”

Photo: Network 10.

She added that her daughter and huge ‘Mean Girls’ fan Molly Rose would be blown away to know that her mum was the Monster, singing in front of Lindsay Lohan every week.

It was clear the experience had a real impact on Gorgi, who managed to make us cry one last time.

“Sometimes it takes you 20 years to have the one year that changes your life,” she said.

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