'The Masked Singer' Taught Gorgi Coghlan What A Great Liar She Is

Right up until her Monster mask came off, Gorgi Coghlan was protecting her identity on 'The Masked Singer'.

Her name had been thrown into the ring a few times by Jackie O, but friends and family suspected 'The Project's panellist was belting out the emotional songs.

"It was so bizarre when people would talk about the show," she told 10 daily via phone after the grand finale and her unmasking, remembering one time when Waleed Aly wondered how the singers were mic'd up.

"I was like, 'How would I know?'," she said cheekily. Even watching the grand finale with her mum who turned to her to ask how many people were in the audience, again Gorgi played it coy.

"You had to lie the whole time," she said, "I turned out to be a great liar."

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When Gorgi was unmasked she explained that her mum had been diagnosed with and had battled brain cancer. Always telling her that she should share her voice, Gorgi dedicated her time on the show to her mum.

"She was guessing it was me because of my voice," she said, "but she still didn't 100 percent know."

Inviting her to come over to watch the finale, Gorgi said when she finally took the massive, pink Monster head off her mum burst into tears.

"She always wanted me to use my voice more. To do the surprise part, the reveal, it was very emotional. We gave each other a big hug," Gorgi told 10 daily.

"It's been a big year for her battling and surviving cancer, it was a pretty special night."

But her mum wasn't the only person overcome with emotion, Gorgi's daughter, Molly-Rose, also burst into tears when her mum was announced as the face under the Monster mask.

"I think it was a relief!" Gorgi said, "She's been bombarded the last few weeks at school." When Jackie O first suggested Monster could be Gorgi, the playground became a minefield of kids coming up to ask her daughter if she knew her mum's whereabouts and if any clumps of pink fluff had been tracked into their house.

"She said she had happy tears," Gorgi said, adding, "It must be pretty surreal when you have your parents doing crazy jobs like this! My parents always had normal jobs."

One of Gorgi's friends had made a mini-Monster that Molly-Rose proudly took with her to school today.

Photo: Instagram.

There was another question that plagued Monster -- aside from her true identity. Constantly picking heartbreaking ballads and songs about loneliness or heartache, despite her unwavering one-toothed smile audiences wanted to know: Was Monster okay?

"She's vulnerable," Gorgi explained, "Her journey wasn't just party, party, party. She was trying to show her story arc -- not being accepted for who she is.

"Look at what she looks like! She was vulnerable and was searching for love, searching for identity and when she finally rose up, she accepted herself."

A lot of the songs chosen weren't just investigations into self-discovery and acceptance, but they were also a major vocal challenge.

"Some of the songs required concentration," Gorgi said -- explaining that the full-body coverage Monster provided actually helped her smash out some of those belters.

"I was in the middle of 'All By Myself' and I was completely zoned out. We had to sing live so I thought this is my chance. When it got to that high top note I closed my eyes," but all the audience saw was that giant unblinking eye, Monster's smile surrounded by bright, pink fur and those tiny little claws poking out of her sides.

"I loved that we weren't judged on our looks, our weight, skin colour or gender. There was no judgement there."

Featured image: Network 10.