‘I Now Know What Shannon Noll Felt Like’: Wolf Revealed After Claiming Second Place On ‘The Masked Singer’

After weeks of wondering, we finally got to find out who was hiding behind the Wolf mask.

Wolf’s grand finale performance was a blistering version of The Beatles’ “Come Together” complete with a stage full of flanno-wearing werewolf backup dancers.

For the final time, the panel guessed who might be hiding behind the mask throwing Hugh Jackman, Jason Donovan, Stefan Dennis and Adam Garcia into the mix but it was only Jackie O who correctly guessed…


Photo: Network 10.

The ‘Australian Idol’ star, ‘Neighbours’ actor and frequent musical theatre performer reluctantly removed his Wolf mask before saying farewell to his beloved “Wolfie”.

Jackie O asked Millsy what it felt like to come second in ‘The Masked Singer’ more than 15 years after placing fifth in the first season of ‘Australian Idol’.

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“I just can’t believe it, I now know what Shannon Noll felt like coming second all those years ago,” he joked.

Photo: Network 10.

“But I feel pretty good to get to where I did!”

Mills was the second ‘Australian Idol’ star to be unmasked, with Paulini revealed as the hypnotic Spider last week.

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