Meet The 'Bachelorette' Obsessed Hosts Of 'Cocktails And Roses' Season 2

For anyone and everyone obsessed with all things Bachelor, listen up: 10 Speaks has dropped a fresh, new-season Bachie podcast you need to get in your ears.

'The Reality Bite: Cocktails and Roses' features 10 Daily’s own Entertainment Editor, Mat Whitehead, and Tahlia Pritchard, Editor of Punkee.

After years of recapping around 5,999 rose ceremonies, our podcasting duo Mat and Tahls -- who are also mates IRL -- are experts on all things Bach-Nation.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come this season on 'Cocktails and Roses' as our hilarious hosts follow Bachelorette Angie Kent’s journey to finding love -- with plenty of LOLs along the way.

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You guys have done a LOT of Bach/Bachette recapping. What attracted you to hosting this podcast?

MAT: I think it was the opportunity to get to work with Tahlia again and do what we spend most of our time doing anyway (talking about 'The Bachelor' and lurking in the bachelors’ Instagrams).

I got my start working on the Bach nation alongside Tahlia when we both worked at BuzzFeed, so to reunite like this when we’re both in totally different jobs -- it was like fate.

TAHLIA: For a good four months of the year, 'The Bachelor/ette' is all I talk about anyway. It seemed like a fun challenge to stop insanely live-tweeting for two seconds and try a new platform so it's been very exciting to be brought on board for this season of 'Cocktails and Roses'. Oh yes, and I find Mat very attractive. Sorry, what was the question?

How did you guys become friends?

MAT: Tahlia was running a huge corporate chain of bookstores and I was working at my struggling boutique book store. Little did we know we had ALSO been chatting via our AOL email accounts. Eventually, Tahlia realised she had fallen for me, Meg Ryan, and we’ve been living happily ever after since.

TAHLIA: We actually met for the first time when Mat joined BuzzFeed. When Mat started I was like, "Oh there’s that guy from Twitter who never followed me back." It took some time to get over that betrayal, but once we started covering 'The Bachelor' together at BuzzFeed it was basically fate that our lives were forever going to be intertwined in our very romantic journey of watching other people find love.

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And, yes, eventually he did even follow me back on Twitter. He'll probably tell you we met when he was running a struggling book shop but it's simply not all true. For one, he never replied to my AOL emails.

How does Angie compare to previous Bachelors/Bachelorettes you have covered?

TAHLIA: I am really into Angie’s storyline and I find it a lot more relatable than previous seasons we’ve seen. She’s very open about the fact she hasn’t really experienced being properly in love before and I think that makes her journey a lot more exciting to watch.

Team that with the fact she’s not afraid to tell it how it is, she’s extremely down-to-earth, and she’s hilarious -- I know we’re only a few episodes in but I think this is going to be my favourite ever season.

MAT: So far Angie has already fast become one of my favourite Bachelor/ettes. I loved Ali’s season a LOT because I think it was the first time we were thrown some real curve-balls. Already we’ve seen Angie take that up to the next level.

What’s impressed you so far this season on ‘The Bachelorette’?

MAT: Definitely Angie’s classic quotes. During her time on ‘I’m A Celeb’, she was dubbed “Meme girl” because everything she says is so ridiculously quotable and I think that’s definitely part of what’s going on here. I also think Angie’s handling of some very difficult situations like we saw with Noosa’s favourite politician and her expertly booting him from the show.

TAHLIA: Not to sound like a broken record, but I am obsessed with just how relatable Angie is. I love how quick she is to poke fun at herself and the fact she even gave herself a new theme song “Inappropriate Bacheloreeeettte” all within minutes of the show starting. I nearly feel like I am watching a friend’s journey to date and find love. Yes, Angie if you're reading this, I am asking you to be my friend.

The 24-hour rose is a new element this season. How would you go one-on-one with a new suitor you have just met for 24 hours of exclusive time?

TAHLIA: HAHA. I truly cannot think of anything worse... for the suitor and for myself.

MAT: I never want to spend 24 hours with anything other than my TV.

And about the boys. Don’t you think Carlin looks more like Paul Rudd than Kayde looks like Zac Effron?

TAHLIA: I think we all need to be talking about the fact Timm is a Russell Brand/Tim Minchin hybrid. Why aren’t we talking about that?

MAT: I mean, it’s fair to say Kayde looks like Zac Efron like I look like Drew Barrymore, but I have no idea where you’re getting Paul Rudd from!!!

If you were the Bach/Bachette, what could a suitor do on the red carpet to get your interest?

MAT: Be a Menulog driver who is just there to drop off my dinner and leave me alone.

TAHLIA: Honestly just bring me a Kinder Bueno and maybe just say “you look better than your Tinder photo”. I’m easily impressed.

Who do you think is going to win Angie’s heart?

TAHLIA: If you had a checklist of a perfect man, Carlin would tick all the boxes. Good looking? Tick. Nice? Tick. Standing up for women? Tick. Good body? Tick. Married? Tic- no wait.

I do think Carlin is the obvious choice and I also think he and Angie would make such a beautiful couple that I would just gently weep at photos of them together. But plot-twist: I am now throwing my support behind Haydn. Haydn? Hayden? Haydn. I hope he’s a dark horse.

MAT: Okay, I have been a Jackson fan from day one because I love a flaky pastry and I think he seems like an actually genuine person but like I said, we don’t know what to expect and with an intruder coming this week and he loves dogs?

That’s… that’s gonna be a tough one to beat, even if you have Carlin’s very symmetrical face. Also, I just think Ciarran is one to watch. Don’t ask me why. Maybe it’s the Daenerys hair.

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