'We're A Massive Threat': BFFs Femi And Nick Are More Than Ready For 'The Amazing Race'

They're best friends, they work together and both come from large Nigerian families. Now, 23-year-olds Femi and Nick are set to conquer 'The Amazing Race Australia'.

Speaking to 10 daily over the phone, Femi and Nick revealed they initially applied to 'The Amazing Race Australia' "just for a bit of randomness".

"After we applied, we thought about it a bit more and were like, 'Oh snap! This would be amazing!'" Nick said, adding, "It's an awesome opportunity to be able to inspire people and show our story because I don't think we do that enough".

Given that the boys both work as psychiatric nurses as well as personal trainers, they believe it's their mental and physical resilience that give them an advantage over the other competitors.

"We're a massive threat, we had the mental and physical elements covered -- but there's more to the game than just mental and physical challenges that we didn't realise until we actually got there," Femi said.

Nick added, "I think we were able to work better under stress because we're nurses, we already work in a fast-paced environment so stressful environments were okay for us."

"I think the biggest thing was when we were bored and just hanging out in the car, we would argue because that's what we do for fun," he laughed.

Aside from the usual training and eating well in order to be fighting fit ahead of the competition, the duo revealed their unconventional way of preparing for the more mentally-based challenges.

"We knew that the challenges were not all physical and that they would have some mental component, so we did a lot of escape rooms -- nearly ten of them," Nick said.

"We wanted to see how we could work better as a team and actually problem solve a bit more effectively. So we did a lot of those escape rooms, which I felt was quite beneficial in terms of helping us to actually perform better."

One thing that Femi and Nick weren't prepared for, they said, was their lack of directional ability.

"We didn't realise just how directionally challenged we were!" Femi laughed. "We knew it would have some kind of like elements related to that, but you don't actually realise how much the race relies on your ability to navigate yourself."

He continued, "If you can't do that, it doesn't matter how good you are at challenges -- we always went well in challenges, but we just took ages to get anywhere!"

The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.

Image: Network 10