The Amazing Race Australia 2019: Meet The 11 Teams

It's almost time for our 11 teams to set-off on one of the wildest adventures on TV, but first, let's meet them.

Each couple has a pre-existing relationship -- whether they're family, best mates, they work together or they've been married for 30 years -- and will embark on a race that's set to test them mentally, physically as well as pushing their bond to the limits.

They all hope to be the first team to cross the very last Pit Stop, snagging the $250,000 prize.

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Hosted by Beau Ryan, the show will kick off on Monday, October 28 at 7.30 and we honestly cannot wait to see what's in store for these 11 duos.

Farmer and Firie: Chris (58) and Adrienne (59), SA

Photo: Network 10.

Together for 30 years, Alpaca farmer Chris and firefighter Adrienne have had plenty of time to know each other's strengths and weaknesses. While Adrienne is fond of pushing herself to compete in obstacle courses like Tough Mudder, Chris has played Aussie rules and knows his way around shearing an alpaca.

When asked what the worst part of travelling with Adrienne was, Chris said, "There isn't a worst part. We have been travelling life's highway for 30 years together, but I know she'll mention my snoring has no escape."

Deadly Duo: Jasmin (30) and Jerome (30), WA

Photo: Network 10.

The Darwin couple is ready to challenge stereotypes and set a good example for other young Indigenous Australians when they tackle 'The Amazing Race'. The pair admit they're both quite competitive, and hope that gives them a bit of an edge over the other teams.

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"Jerome is the best navigator, which is definitely not my strong point," Jasmin admitted. Meanwhile, Jerome was just keen to sink his teeth into some of the high-flying challenges that might come their way.

"I love doing extreme things like skydiving and bungee jumping," he said, adding, "I think the eating challenges might be a weakness for me."

Newlyweds: Tim (29) and Rod (28), NSW

Photo: Network 10.

After getting married in March this year, Tim and Rod have decided to go on a very unique second honeymoon -- racing across countries in the hopes of taking out the top prize. Both certified personal trainers, the physical challenges aren't going to be an issue for this pair.

"I thrive on adrenaline," Tim said, "but would still be very scared if we needed to bungee jump or skydive."  Regardless,  it's the "gross eating challenges" Tim admitted he may struggle with the most.

Mum and Daughter: Rowah (42) and Amani (18), NSW

Photo: Network 10.

This mother-daughter team have been training hard for the race -- and we do mean training. While mum Rowah owns three gyms, Amani is studying a Bachelor of Fashion. The pair hope to challenge stereotypes of Muslim women especially.

"Nothing is more eye-opening than surrounding yourself with another culture that chooses to live their lives completely different to yours," Amani said, "Travel can give you the blank white sheet -- the chance to start fresh and explore another side of your personality.

"With travel comes challenges and the more challenges you take on, the more confident in yourself you become."

The Nuns: Judy (53) and Therese (45), ACT

Photo: Network 10.

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They're nuns, and they're on the run. Missionaries of God's Love Sisters, Judy and Therese have packed the Good Book and they're ready to go on a whole new mission: 'The Amazing Race'.

While they've had their fair share of travel (with Therese even admitting that she's once been chased by warriors in Papua New Guinea), the pair are hoping with God on their side, they'll be able to make it all the way to the end.

And when it comes to advantages over the other teams, Judy said, "I can pray for endurance, perseverance and courage when I don't have any left."

Mighty Siblings: Viv (25) and Joey (28), VIC

Photo: Network 10.

Viv and Joey are ready to be underestimated. At four foot five inches and five foot two inches respectively, the pair don't see their height as a shortcoming. Viv and Joey grew up watching 'The Amazing Race', and as superfans know the show inside out. They're hoping that's enough to get them to the very last Pit Stop.

"I'm super reliant on technology," Joey admitted when asked about the biggest weakness he'll need to overcome in the Race, "Like having Google Maps tell me where to go or using Google Translate to communicate... having no technology is going to be a massive challenge!"

Sisters: Hayley (29) and Mikayla (24), QLD

Photo: Network 10.

You know you're competitive when you've been banned from family game nights but luckily for sisters Hayley and Mikayla, the pair will be right at home competing for the $250,000.

Still, it won't be smooth sailing for the pair, with Mikayla admitting she's "a very bad flyer", travel might be tricky for the pair. Meanwhile, Hayley also offered up her two biggest concerns: "I have a fear of escalators and snakes," she admitted. "If there are snakes on an escalator... that would be my worst nightmare."

Footy Mates: Tom (23) and Tyler (23), VIC

Photo: Network 10.

Best mates for six years and having played together in both semi and professional AFL, Tom and Tyler know what it means to work as a team, and they're hoping it's what will get them across the final Pit Stop in first place.

"We have been born and raised to be competitive people throughout our football careers," Tom said. And while both are excited to experience other cultures and tackle the challenges head-on, there is one thing Tyler is worried about.

"Tom can be incredibly cheap," he said. "Often he pulls out his wallet and there is dust flying off it because he hasn't opened it for days."

Nurses: Nick (23) and Femi (23), NSW

Photo: Network 10.

Best mates and psychiatric nurses, Nick and Femi are all too familiar with working under pressure. The pair also have a personal training business on the side, so they're fit and ready to tackle any challenge thrown their way -- unless it's swimming-related. "Please have a life vest available!" Femi said.

The pair are keen to take on 'The Amazing Race' "to set an awesome example and inspire people like us -- young, black and ambitious," Femi said, adding, "Also the $250,000 cash prize obviously."

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The Influencers: Sid (26) and Ash (30), NSW

Photo: Network 10.

Things are about to get real for former elite swimmers and Influencers Sid and Ash when they're forced to ditch the filters and luxury accommodation for the world of 'The Amazing Race'.

"We always have fun," Ash said, adding "we can sometimes get irritated with each other and are both very stubborn, so arguments can sometimes escalate."

When asked about his proudest achievement in life Sid said, "My bullet-proof self-esteem and freedom!"

"I have an insane level of self-confidence in my ability to get through any situation," he added, "regardless fo what life throws my way."

Gen-Z Siblings: Alana (21) and Niko (19), SA

Photo: Network 10.

The youngest of the teams is ready for you to underestimate them, but brother-sister duo Niko and Alana think they have what it takes to go all the way to the very end of the Race.

While they've both travelled separately and together, Alana's got experience as an expert packer. "I like using packing cubes to keep everything organised, and only pack essentials pretty much," she said, adding, "Cute essentials though."

Meanwhile, Niko hoped to test himself with the challenges, though he was concerned eating challenges could be a weakness. "I should be able to eat any type of meat," he said, "but if it's a weird delicacy or anything spicy count me out -- especially if there is a time limit.

"I would give it a go, however I would be definitely taking my time and drinking lots of water between each bite."

'The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.