'That Takes Big Balls': Bachelor Bares All To Impress Angie

During the group date, it didn't take Ciarran long to shoot his hand up and volunteer to get it all out in front of Angie, her BFF Yvie *and* the fellas.

It was the confidence that has charmed Angie (and the rest of us) that saw Ciarran standing in front of the gang in nothing but a silk kimono, which was dropped to the floor...

Much to Yvie's delight.

Ciarran Naked Bachelorette Australia
Same, Yvie. Same. Photo: Network 10.

As Jamie put it, getting naked in front of everyone "takes BIG balls", but it didn't stop our favourite 'sexual Willy Wonka' from putting the entire chocolate factory on show.

While Angie was struggling to make... eye contact -- or figure out where indeed she could look, Twitter was also mid-meltdown.

Later, Yvie summoned Ciarran for a one-on-one chat and of COURSE he was confident enough to show up for the chat wearing a bunch of grapes...

Only a bunch of grapes.

Things were so raunchy they even had to censor the bachelors' drawings!

Truly this season has it all, and we are living for it.

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