The Bachelorette Australia: Niranga Amarasinghe Uses His Time On The Show To Give Back

After not receiving a rose from Angie Kent, Niranga decided on a different course instead of seeking Insta fame.

Speaking to 10 daily via phone following his eviction from the bach pad, Niranga admitted that when he was asked what he was going to do after he left the show -- trying to get 'sponcon' endorsements wasn't high on his list of priorities.

"I've already got an amazing career that I love, I didn't have to chase the whole influencer side of things," he said, adding, "Thought I may as well use this platform because it's once in a lifetime.

"You don't often get this opportunity so I thought I should help a charity instead of helping myself."

Ahead of his time on 'The Bachelorette', Niranga worked with Carlyle and Jarrod Wells-Peris in setting up the NA-Sri Lanka Outreach.

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"I spoke to a family friend who already had a charity in Sri Lanka donating hospital beds," Niranga told 10 daily.

"I had a chat with him and he said if you want to, join me and get behind it."

Having been born in Sri Lanka, and coming to Australia when he was four years old, Niranga put his focus towards helping the kids of Sri Lanka.

"I was one of those kids, back in the day," he said.

Starting up the charity, Niranga is gearing up to begin selling singlets and t-shirts with his logo on them with all profits going to charity.

"The profits go toward buying textbooks -- not money, because money goes missing," he said, "so we're going to buy commodities that help. Food, water, we'll buy it for the kids."

Earlier in the year, Niranga and a mate went to Sri Lanka, donating secondhand laptops to schools while they were there.

A man who is full of surprises, Niranga also spoke about having played cricket and rugby at a national level. Not only that, but he also won state championships in javelin when he was younger.

"I had Timm, Ciarran, Jamie, and Jackson in my room -- so I had all the drama," he said adding, "I went to the same school as Timm so we had mutual friends and Jacko, we had lots of rugby mates so we had heaps to talk about that wasn't part of the drama."

"Jamie couldn't help but have a bit of a cry about everything," he said, laughing.

Admitting he wished he had a bit more air time, Niranga said his arrival on the red carpet forged an initial connection with Angie.

"I brought in a box which had pieces of paper I made paper aeroplanes out of to show her what I do for my job," the aircraft engineer explained, "on the aeroplanes we wrote what four things love means to us."

"I found out a lot about her and she found out a lot about me," he said, "which was pretty good! I guess they didn't want Australia to get a high then kick me out on the fourth episode," he said with a laugh.

You can check out NA-Sri Lanka Outreach at their website, or follow them on Instagram here.

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Featured Image: Instagram.