The Amazing Race Australia's Deadly Duo Want To 'Show What Indigenous Excellence Looks Like'

Northern Territory couple Jerome and Jasmin spoke to 10 daily ahead of the premiere of 'The Amazing Race Australia'.

Proudly Indigenous and repping the Top End, the duo hopes to encourage Indigenous representation on television, as well as demonstrate what "Indigenous excellence" looks like.

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Jasmin, who is a Bindal and Gunditjmara woman and a successful lawyer, told 10 daily:

"We're very competitive -- we love to kind of challenge and push ourselves, but we also wanted to be on the show because we feel that Indigenous people aren't represented on mainstream TV and when they are, it's usually in a negative manner or portrayed as a negative stereotype," she explained.

"We wanted to go on 'The Amazing Race' to show what Indigenous excellence looks like and to represent our mob," she added.

As for their preparation for the event, Jasmin and Jerome were sure to get in tip-top shape to have a physical advantage over the other competitors.

"We joined up with a group called the 'Darwin Deadly Runners' -- they're a community group that train three times a week, so we did a bit of running with them," Jasmin said, while Jerome added that he "did a bit of bike riding to and from work".

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While most relationship would crumble under the stress of such an intense competition, Jasmin said she wasn't fazed about the pair snapping under the pressure.

"I think we work really well together as a team," she said. "We've always really backed each other and supported each other throughout the different stages of life and becoming new parents.

"I also found that I actually don't cope under pressure as much as I thought I would and just kind of lost it, so Jerome was really good and bringing it back kind of just refocusing," she continued.

Jerome added, "Our communication got better as we went along -- we would learn from our early mistakes in each leg of the race and pick up and move forward."

Jasmin agreed, adding, "I think it's because we're brought up to never give up. There are always difficult times in the race, but we never, ever gave up, and I think that's just really part of who we are."

She continued, "We're resilient people, we come from such an ancient culture and where we're from, we have such resilient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. So I think that definitely sums us up as a team".

'The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.

Image: 10