'I Had Two Corsets On': Deni Hines On The Challenge Of Performing In 'Masked Singer' Costume

On Tuesday's episode of 'The Masked Singer', we witnessed two stars remove their disguises, with the mysterious Unicorn revealed to be none other than Deni Hines.

And while the 49-year-old didn't attempt to change her voice in order to throw off the guessing panel -- unlike Paulini as the Spider -- instead, she added a cryptic clue that she believed no one would be able to crack.

"I didn't disguise my voice -- but I said to them in a clue that I have a brother, but the thing is that people don't know about him because he's not in the public eye," she explained to 10 daily.

"Dannii -- who I know and love -- was picking that the Unicorn was me from day one, and I was like 'Dannii, shut up!', so I had to think of something to throw her off the scent."

"So one of the clues was that I hoped 'my brother in texas was proud of what I had achieved'," she said, adding, "Then I went online and people were saying 'Oh, Deni Hines doesn't have a brother!', and I was like, 'You don't know me!'"

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And while throwing off the judges was the easy part, Deni admitted that the most challenging aspect of the competition was performing in their elaborate costumes.

"I had two corsets on which made my waist look AMAZING --  but when you're a singer, and you've got one corset around your diaphragm and then the second one is underneath the diaphragm, it's really hard to breathe and sing properly," she explained, adding, "I had to get them to carve some more spaces out inside the mask for the Beyonce track because I cannot sing without getting the proper airflow into my lungs."

She continued, "The wings also weighed about four or five kilos. When I'd be backstage with my Unicorn head on, my security guard would have to stand behind me and hold up my wings until I went on stage."

"That's why the Unicorn was always standing like a man -- because that weight on my shoulders was intense!"

Despite not taking out the win for 'The Masked Singer', Deni said that following the reveal, she felt a huge sense of relief that she no longer had to keep her appearance on the show a secret.

"Oh my God, it was just like the biggest weight off my shoulders! It was almost like I've been holding my breath for three months. I came home to my husband and was like, 'I don't have to lie any more!' -- it was tiring!" she said.

"I can't imagine how people go through hardcore infidelity in relationships and all that sh*t and not go crazy!" she laughed. "I was just in 'The Masked Singer' and I had a hard time being quiet".

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Image: Network 10