Bare Butts And Angie's BFF: What You Missed On 'The Bachelorette'

Catch up on everything you missed on 'The Bachelorette' episode four!

We arrive at another day in the mansion, and after Jamie "dogged the boys" -- aka spoke to Angie without permission from the others, you know, how 'The Bachelorette' works -- Timm says he's trying to rile up Jamie for his blasphemous decision to break the boy's pact.

But no time for that -- we have another date card! And things are about to get cheeky...

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Bachelorette Party 

Tom comes in with a date card and a box that contains a feather boa, tiaras, and penis straws -- it's a Bachelorette party! And never missing a chance to dress flamboyantly, Ciarran is more than excited to get amongst it.

A hot pink Hummer arrives, and out jumps Angie's BFF Yvie! They begin chatting in the limo and Jesse is like "so what's Angie looking for?" and Yvie is like "Ryan -- Ryan is Angie's type" and the boys are just like:

Anyway, first stop on the Bachelorette party agenda? A life drawing class!

Ciarran Drops His Dacks

First thing you need for a life drawing class is a nude model, and while the majority of boys are hesitant to put themselves forward, Ciarran basically throws his hand up to get starkers in front of the rest of the boys to draw -- as well as Angie and Yvie. 

He saunters in and dropped his towel to expose his bang-town bod to wild cheers from his eager audience -- and honestly, his confidence is impressive and we feel he deserves a rose just for the effort.

While Angie attempts to keep her eyes on her painting, Yvie keeps yelping "penis!" at random intervals.

Yvie Susses The Boys Out

Yvie also knows Ryan from the 'gram, so she sits him down to chat to see how he's fairing. She calls over Ciarran, who is still naked and sits on the couch with her with a bunch of grapes covering his giblets, and Yvie tells him that after all that confidence and nakedness, he's a shoo-in for a single date with Angie.

Yvie gives her tick of approval to Ciarran, and tells the producers that this is how she wants to live the rest of her life, with everyone talking to her naked.

"Good on Ciarran for getting that wang out" she added as she stared at the naked man walking away.

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After a chat with Carlin, Yvie speaks to Angie to get the lowdown on who she's been pashing and who she likes.

Basically, they both agree Ciarran is fun, that Ryan is perfect for her, and that Carlin is serious. Then Angie is like "he's also funny!" and Yvie's just like:

She continues to rip on him, asking Angie, "Do you think you could go out with someone with a made-up name like Carlin?" and honestly can we just keep Yvie on to comment for the rest of the series??

But in also seriousness, we loved seeing the gals back together as they never fail to deliver the LOLs.

Timm Gets A Single Date

Wanting to see if there's more to Timm with two M's than his sunflower tattoos and hilarious one-liners, Angie takes him on a single date.

He somehow gets lost on the way to the date, but when he does find her, he gives her another sunflower (hey it worked the first time, right?).

After they take some cute photos and get ice cream (ca-ute!), Angie tells Timm she has some memories of his they're going to watch! It's a bunch of family photos from when he was a lil shredder, and it's all v. v. cute.

The best part, though, is after he pulls out a big philosophical, heartwarming speech, he's like "I'm about to piss my pants!!!"

Oh Timm with two Ms, never change!

Anyway, his sweet but hilarious demeanour clearly has Angie swooning, with our Bachelorette dubbing their date as the best so far.

Cocktail Party 

Back at the cocktail party, it must be Book Week because Timm's hair looks like Pippi Longstockings and Ciarran is the spitting image of Lucious Malfoy, but we're definitely here for it.

Angie takes Ryan for another chat, and Jamie's like, "Should I go in like a bull into their convo or do I back off?" and if you guessed that he went in like a bull, you win no prizes because of course that's what he was going to do!

Jamie asks to SIT IN WITH BOTH OF THEM, and Angie's like "it's a bit creepy..." and someone hand this bloke a shovel, 'cos he just digs himself into a deeper hole. In news surprising absolutely no one, it all goes pear-shaped and he bails on the sitch, telling the boys they had "a good chat".

As Angie heads off with Timm for some more ~alone time~ the boys have just realised that he's not the boofhead larrikin they assumed he was, instead, he's actually a real contender to steal Angie's heart -- and he is, because while they debate that, Angie and Timm are off getting their pash on. Love that!

Timm also says he would steal Angie from anyone, which is literally the opposite of what he said yesterday with the whole "bro code" ordeal, but look, we love Timm so we'll let it slide.

At the rose ceremony, it's Niranga and Jesse who are sent home roseless, and we wish we could say we'd miss them, but we pretty much have heard one line from each of them all season.

Jamie bids farewell to another contestant as his competition for Angie's heart dwindles.
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