'Please Don't Let Them Be Dickheads': The Gogglebox Families React To Angie's First Night As Bachelorette

For years she sat on the couch next to bestie Yvie Jones throwing shade at Bachelors and Bachelorettes, and now that it's Angie's on the other side of the screen, our favourite Gogglebox families got their turn.

"Now we're gonna s--tcan you," Anastasia said, a little too excitedly we have to admit.

While Di was struggling with... well, basically every bachelor who arrived on the red carpet, with cries of "Oh my god!" echoing through her house, a few of the others were ready to get things started.

With a cry of "Bring out all the duds!" from Sarah Marie, it was time for our Gogglebox families to finally give Angie a taste of her own couch-commentary medicine.

The Gogglebox Families React To Angie's First Night As Bachelorette
Photo: Network 10.

There were two fellas who obviously stood out to the families -- and not for the best of reasons. Noosa's former second-favourite son Jess struggled up the red carpet in his cape, clutching a throne which sadly failed to impress anyone.

When he introduced himself as a politician, Faye quietly quipped, "Do they have politics in Noosa?"

The Gogglebox Families React To Angie's First Night As Bachelorette
Photo: Network 10.

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Isabelle Silbery was on Angie's side watching Jess' conduct on the show, basically ruling him "disgusting" -- and that was even before things really got out of hand.

Meanwhile, poor Jamie was thrown into Jess' firing line after he was ousted to the Bachelorette for traipsing around the cocktail party boasting he was considering giving back any rose that may come his way.

When Jamie's name was dragged through mud he unravelled, taking himself away from the other bachelors and, overcome with emotion, cried.

Keith was on poor, emotional Jamie's side when it came to his emotional outburst telling his wife, "That's what the women like, Lee. Sensitive firemen!"

While the families weren't completely thrilled with Angie's buffet of boys from night one, they were each pretty excited to see who she might end up choosing (so long as it wasn't Jess).

Meanwhile, the Daltons were looking to the future -- one where maybe Holly took up the mantle of Bachelorette.

"You know what would happen if I was on 'The Bachelorette'?" she asked her family, "I will end up with no one.

"Everyone will be like, 'I'm leaving...'"

But Holly isn't alone as it appears someone else on the show might also be gunning at their chance to find love on 'The Bachelor'.

We're 100 percent on board.

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Featured image: Network 10.