The Biggest Question About Angie's Bachelors: What's The Deal With Their Names?

The irony is not lost on us that this is being written by a Mat with one 't', but stick with us.

It was the question heard around the nation when Angie's BFF Yvie Jones asked:

C'mon Australia, we had all been thinking it. Behind his perfect face and perfect bod and perfect personality, Carlin is a very unusual name.

According to nameberry, Carlin is a boy's name of Irish or Gaelic origins meaning "little champion", but it's not a name you hear every day!

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But he's not alone in this season of shall we say unusual names? Not just the Ciarran's of this world (a name which apparently means little dark one!!!) but there's a whole cast of characters looking like they fell off the scrabble board.

And we weren't the only ones that noticed.

Okay, YES, we are willing to be called out because the writer of this (future award-winning investigation) does have a dumb misspelt name also (sorry other single T Mats, but you know it's true)... but stick with us here.

Take for instance our gorgeous, favourite narrator Timm. What's that second M doin' there babe?! Also does that make you a Timmothy?

Not to be outdone, Scot is missing a T! (Scot, babe we can for sure sympathise with the number of times you've had to call or email people to correct official documents by saying "There's only one 't'" and them responding, "Really?).

The Biggest Question About Angie Bachelors: What's The Deal With Their Names?
Photo: Network 10.

Add to that a Haydn, a Glenn and even a Kayde, it's like the who's who of how do you spell that.

Even some of the blokes with the vanilla names are now getting dragged into this season's subtle theme of interesting names.

That being said, not even nameberry had a result for 'Yvie'.

The Biggest Question About Angie Bachelors: What's The Deal With Their Names?
Photo: Network 10.
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