'The Amazing Race Australia's Top End Couple Ready To Take Out The Top Prize

Darwin couple Jasmin and Jerome are the latest team to be announced ahead of 'The Amazing Race' Australia's premiere, and they're ready to show the world what they've got.

The 30-year-olds have known each other for a decade, and with a two-year-old son (Jerome Jnr) waiting at home for them, they're ready to set off on the fast-paced Race, hoping to be the first team to arrive at the final Pit Stop.

A Wadjigan man who loves adrenaline, Jerome isn't phased by the idea of challenges that might see him jumping out of planes or bungee jumping in order to get ahead in the race. "I think the eating challenges might be a weakness," he admitted.

Thankfully, with Jasmin by his side, they've got things covered.

"Jasmin is extremely organised," Jerome said, "she is very well planned and prepared. Sometimes the weight of her luggage can suggest she is too well prepared.

"She books all our flights and accommodation when travelling, getting us the best deals whether that's flights or accommodation," he added.

Photo: Network 10.

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Jasmin is a lawyer, a Bindal and Gunditjmara woman and apparently someone who does not know how to pack lightly, which she may struggle with when trying to lug a bunch of suitcases from Pit Stop to Pit Stop.

The duo have winning in their sights, with Jasmin admitting that the biggest thing they want to achieve during their time on the Race is exactly that: winning.

But Jasmin also wants to challenge stereotypes, adding that the pair want to show "what Indigenous excellence looks like".

"Jerome and I have achieved a lot in our respective 30 years and we want to challenge the sometimes negative portrayal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people," she said.

While winning isn't everything, the pair see competing in the Race as a chance to inspire young Indigenous Australians.

We can't wait to see these two take on 'The Amazing Race' (and just how much stuff Jasmin can fit into a backpack) when everything kicks off on October 28.

'The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.