'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues For The Final 3

With just three masks remaining, it's only a matter of time until we know the identity of all our mystery singers.

For weeks we've been trying to crack the clues alongside our guessing panel of Jackie O, Lindsay Lohan, Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue. Their guesses have helped and -- more often than not -- hindered our quest for the truth of who is hiding under the mask.

So, before the Grand Finale on Monday, we thought we'd collect every major clue for Monster, Wolf and Robot as they take to the stage one last time before finally unmasking.

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Here are the clues and guesses for our final 3:


'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues For The Final 3
Photo: Network 10.

What We Know:

  • Height: 182cm, Strength: Determination.
  • While Robot sounded like a pro-singer, plenty of the clues pointed to someone who could be an Olympic swimmer (connected to the water,  surrounded by gold).
  • Robot cares about the environment and loves picking up rubbish and stashing them in bags labelled 'UN'.
  • His favourite animal used to be the butterfly (again, a swimming clue?) but now prefers "something that goes 'tweet'" (either a birdwatcher or a Twitter fiend).
  • Robot said he left his factory and "headed east like a moth to a flame" which could refer to the east coast of Australia?
  • Pictured playing chess with his bodyguards, one of whom pops a bubblegum bubble from his mouth. There's also a clock that reads 20.12.
  • Robot said he realised that "others were controlling his programming" so he "short-circuited the production line" and is now his own Robot.
  • This part got confusing but Robot is apparently creative as well as multi-layered like an onion or a Russian doll.
'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues For The Final 3
Photo: Network 10.

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  • Robot loves playing the game, has a metal head and doesn't stay in his own lane.
  • Robot was pictured strumming on a guitar that had USA, Florida and Hawaii stickers on it.
  • He says it's not easy to communicate with everyone, which is annoying because he can be "extremely social".
  • We saw a table stacked with three black hats, a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and a pile of Russian dolls.
  • Robot was "very privileged growing up" and found himself surrounded by those who shared his passion.
  • His personal clues were swimming trophies, won around the same time he "first made a splash".
  • He insisted that "Robots were created to make the world more wonderful for humans" while holding an earth-themed beach ball.
  • Saltwater makes Robot's circuits tingle but he loves all oceans, "not just crossing the Atlantic".
  • Robot is not into heavy metal and bubblegum pop grinds his gears.
  • He doesn't use auto-tune.
  • He shared a clue "on the DL" that he's spent time with MC Hammer.
  • It's no mistake that Robot has made it this far, "Robots don't make mistakes".
  • Robots "never tire" and "never go to bed".
  • He's been chasing his dream from an early age with his "head down, following the straight and narrow path laid out by others, all facing the same way".
  • Robot never forgets that "the family that plays together, stays together".
  • It's time for Robot to do his own thing so "Hold on".
  • He grew up as a competitor and loves to win. He wants to be the best, "not just the best I can be".

The Judges' Guesses: Usher, Troye Sivan, Matt Corby, Conrad Sewell, Cody Simpson, Joey Fatone, Timomatic, Pat Rafter, Aaron Carter, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Bruno Mars, Buzz Lightyear, Zayn Malik, Nick Carter.


'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues For The Final 3
Photo: Network 10.

What We Know:

  • Monster described herself as being split between two worlds, "with part of me living in the shadows".
  • A great love of horses (which is apparently reciprocated because horses can see she's not a real monster).
  • Her work features "heavy material" which was illustrated by a huge mountain of horse poo shovelled into a sack with an "O" on it.
  • Said she's been working from a young age and added that in her work people just want her to deliver, adding: "We all want to be the first past the post".
  • Spent time in a laboratory or related to medicine (her backup dancers were dressed as nurses).
  • Calling herself a "shape-shifter" the monster also mentioned biology.
  • Mentioned the number 31 was very important before adding, "Monsters don't age in human years".
  • While looking in a broken mirror Monster said she was "a little bit country, a little bit glam... but never the twain shall meet".
  • Was once again shown in a lab or science class environment.
  • Told the panel: "In my industry height isn't super important but weight is".
Photo: Network 10.

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  • Seen sleeping like a baby monster with her fur all in curlers, Monster said she has dreamt of many things -- including horses and microphones -- but her dreams have come true.
  • Was seen bashing out a tune on the piano with the sheet music for Shania Twain's "Still the One" on show.
  • While she's the most comfortable in the bush, Monster said, "It's only in the city that the outer me emerges, that is when I can tell the stories I need to tell".
  • Like the sheet music, Monster's clue from home was a replica of Shania Twain's "That Don't Impress Me Much" music video. Monster explained, "I have never felt more like myself than when I've acted like someone else."
  • She's a friendly monster that would "offer you the fur off my back or somewhere to sleep".
  • Where Monster comes from, people's thoughts were "all about going for gold" but she prefers to talk about other things and hear her words " drifting on the air".
  • Monster is used to solitude but has stepped out of the dark.
  • She once sang at the MCG for the AFL Grand Final.
  • Monster asked if we'd finally seen her "true colours".
  • She added that things aren't always as they seem, in front of a cracked mirror.
  • The Monster said that, in her daily life, she does a job that she loves that can be "hard and confronting".
  • Her most important job is being a mum to "our daughter" so being 'The Masked Singer' is the perfect gig.

The Judges' Guesses: Deni Hines, Kelly Rowland, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Tapsell, Billie Piper, Ronda Rousey, Shania Twain, Bryan Cranston, Kate Ritchie, Vanessa Amorosi, Lisa McCune, Christie Whelan Browne, Sia, Magda Szubanski, Cyndi Lauper, Kasey Chambers, Gorgi Coughlan.


'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues For The Final 3
Photo: Network 10.

What We Know:

  • Height: 178cm, Strength: Charming.
  • The Wolf reckons he's got a "reputation" and is constantly being misjudged and underestimated.
  • He was keen on sports as a pup and dreamed of huge crowds cheering him on.
  • Wolf assures us he's not "little green riding hood" and has "been an apprentice a couple of times".
  • Although singing wasn't his first trade, he's a triple threat.
  • Wolfie's bedroom features framed photos of both Kylie Minogue and Holly Valance so there could be a 'Neighbours' connection.
  • He admitted that wolves do have a bad reputation and that he "did run wild when I was a pup".
  • Although he apparently "wasn't the runt of the litter", he wasn't number one, either.
  • Wolf might have missed his dream but he "remained unbroken" and worked harder than ever, "like a dog with a bone".
  • Mentions of the "Southern Cross", and that getting to where he is now "is a miracle like walking on water".
'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues For The Final 3
Photo: Network 10.

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  • Wolf said he likes to roam but isn't in the same place he started.
  • He cryptically added that he "may have been in excess in what I've done but I have discovered that fighting my way to the top is like climbing a greasy pole".
  • He's a notorious predator, like a hawk! (Pictured blowing a whole house down).
  • Wolf's personal clue was a lawnmower and he explained that he knows he can be a "wolf one day and lamb roast the next".
  • Wolf loves playing pool and being at the centre of attention.
  • Said it feels like there's "electricity in the air, a spark, but maybe it's just a stage I'm going through".
  • The way Wolf looks is very important to him and he believes himself to be the "top dog" in the competition.
  • Wolf was pictured wearing a tool belt.
  • He loves to challenge himself and once walked 100km in 24 hours.
  • Wolf said, "You can't always trust the face you see" and then when he was younger, he achieved his dreams.
  • He was "surrounded by extraordinary talent and they all followed me".
  • Wolf reckons he was the "top dog".
  • Every time we see him sing, he's "packing more into my performance".
  • Wolf has always been an entertainer and was the class clown as a child.
  • But people don't know how hard he's worked "doing gigs or cutting grass" when his mates were out partying -- and he still works hard every day.

The Judges' Guesses: Barry Hall, Keith Urban, Blair McDonough, Jason Donovan, Redfoo, David Hasselhoff, Simon LeBon, Rob Mills, Jemaine Clement, Altiyan Childs, David Byrne, Jon Stevens, Adam Garcia, Jamie Durie, Hugh Sheridan, Peter Andre, the wolf from the Backstreet Boys video, someone with a Jim's Mowing franchise, someone from Human Nature.

We'll have to wait and see if the judges guessed correctly.

'The Masked Singer' Grand Finale Airs On Monday, October 21 at 7.30pm -- Only On 10 And WIN Network.