'People Would Think I'm Such An Idiot': The Masked Singer Judges Defend Their Guesses

It's the show that has everyone talking, guessing and Googling "celebrity bum tattoo", and with only a few celebrities left we're so much closer to finding out who was behind the masks.

But one thing that's come up throughout the first season of 'The Masked Singer Australia' is how the guessing panel -- Jackie O, Dave Hughes, Lindsay Lohan and Dannii Minogue -- have missed a few of what audiences at home thought were obvious celebs.

This morning on her KIIS FM show with co-host Kyle Sandilands, Jackie defended the fact that she didn't pick Lion -- aka Kate Ceberano -- despite listening to her music in the car every day.

"Everyone listening at home was guessing Kate Ceberano because you could hear Kate Ceberano," she said, adding, "It was so obvious".

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"Watching on TV, I was like, 'Oh my god that sounds exactly like Kate Ceberano, how did we not pick that up?'"

But Jackie went on to explain that during the performances the guessing panel is seeing things live with a studio audience, there are glitter cannons, pyrotechnics and a Robot with extendable arms.

"We don't hear what you hear," she continued, "You've got so much going on, you don't hear what you're hearing back home.

"So everyone's going, 'Those judges are so stupid they can't even detect that that's Kate Ceberano'."

Ahead of the show, Dannii pre-empted the criticism of the guessing panel to 10 daily saying there was a ton of pressure on her and her co-panellists to guess correctly that occasionally they'd be overwhelmed.

"At some point, I'd throw a name up in the air out of frustration," she admitted, "I'd go home and think, 'Oh god, people would think I'm such an idiot for saying that'."

'People Would Think I'm Such An Idiot': The Masked Singer Judges Defend Their Guesses
Photo: Network 10.

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"Particularly early on there'll be names people will be like, 'Nah, what an idiot', and I agree with you!"

While viewers have loved Lindsay's -- shall we say creative guesses which have included Lewis Hamilton, La Toya Jackson, Russell Crowe and Chris Lilley to name a few -- it's actually Hughesy who has been the most outrageous with his guesses.

"Hughesy loved to throw out names and we'd turn to him and say... 'They're dead!'," Danni told 10 daily.

Some of our favourite guesses of Hughesy include Julia Gillard, Kyle Sandilands, Mark Twain and, of course, Buzz Lightyear.

Photo: Network 10.

Earlier in the month Jackie also revealed on radio that often some of their wilder guesses are included as part of keeping the show running on time.

"I’ll do a random guess and everyone will be like, ‘Why did she choose that person?'" Jackie told her KIIS FM co-hosts adding, "It's just for time".

"Otherwise it would be a three-hour show because we were rabbiting on a lot... so sometimes we sound like we're throwing out dumb names. You don't want to look like an idiot when everyone at home thinks they know who it is."

With just Spider, Robot, Monster, Wolf and Unicorn left and a double unmasking on the way, we're keen to find out if all our current guesses are spot-on.

Just, er, forget that time we thought Octopus was Erin Brockovich.

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Featured image: Network 10.