'You Don't Drink Sushi!' The Goggleboxers Tried To Play 'Celebrity Name Game'

The 'Gogglebox Australia' households worked out a clever way to play along with Grant Denyer on 'Celebrity Name Game'.

The celebrity guests Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan (from the ABC's 'Katering Show') attempted to describe various 'P' and 'S' words to contestants, without rhyming, singing or spelling.

And while the 'Gogglebox' families might not have been familiar with the comedic genius of the Kates, they were keen to play some 'Celebrity Name Game' from home.

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"Let's play this, who's on my team?" asked Matt Dalton, who begrudgingly accepted wife Kate (another Kate!) onto his team.

Photo: Network 10.

Over in the Silbery household, Isabelle helpfully chimed in that "P is for penis!" and it all went downhill from there.

"This is weird because we know the answer already," Isabelle later said, with the 'P' words obviously in full view for the audience on the 'Name Game' board.

But the Goggleboxers soon figured out a genius solution: covering their eyes!

"Sambucca!" Photo: Network 10.

Which sort of worked out, except for poor Lee who correctly guessed 'pom-pom' as one of the answers but was cheekily shut down by Keith.

"Nah, you missed out," he said.

"Tell me if I get it right". Photo: Network 10.

When the fermented Japanese alcohol saké popped up on the screen as an answer, the descriptions sent the Goggleboxers into a panic.

"Sambucca!" yelled Anastasia, which was sort of close because, although it's Italian, it's at least an alcoholic beverage.

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It was definitely closer to the answer than Kate's suggestion of "Sushi" which was quickly shut down by the rest of the Dalton family.

"It's a drink, you don't drink sushi," Matt explained.

SUSHI! Photo: Network 10.

The segment proved that, even though the Goggleboxers might need a bit more practice, some of them should definitely make a guest appearance on 'Celebrity Name Game'.

The Season Finale Of 'Gogglebox Australia' Airs On Thursday, October 17 at 7.30pm On 10 and WIN Network.