Meet Ryan: 'The Bachelorette' Intruder Who Already Knows Angie Kent

Just when you thought the drama from last week's episode of 'The Bachelorette' had cooled off, a bombshell has been dropped that an intruder is set to enter the mansion this week -- and he already knows Angie!

And given that Ryan Anderson and Angie share a major common interest -- rescuing dogs -- and are already familiar with another in the real world, the rest of the boys vying for Angie's heart have every reason to be threatened by the arrival of the charming 32-year-old, who is known in the Instagram world as AussieDogGuy. 

Already boasting 34,000 Instagram followers who are fans of his regular pooch posts, Ryan revealed that he had initially hoped to take a photo with every breed of dog, before using his platform to promote adoption advocacy.

"I started getting some followers and I thought I may as well do something productive, so I changed the direction of it a bit," he explained, adding, "I still take photos with different breeds of dogs, but now I'm also trying to educate people about being good pet owners as well as highlighting the need to adopt animals."

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Revealing that he and Angie had shared a few conversations over Instagram, Ryan said they immediately bonded over their shared love of fostering dogs.

"I signed up for the show purely to get to know Angie -- I had a bit of an online crush on her and I wanted to get to know her a bit better," Ryan explained to 10 daily.

"We share a common interest in dogs and the rescue dog scene, and we've had a little bit of back and forth over social media for a while, but we had never actually met in person," he continued.

In fact, just before it was announced 29-year-old Angie was set to take on the role as Australia's newest Bachelorette, Ryan revealed that he had actually planned to ask the bubbly blonde out to a ball.

"I'm an ambassador for an assistance dog company and we have a gala ball every year and I always go there single, so this year I planned to ask Angie to attend with me -- but in the interim, she had announced that she was the Bachelorette!" he laughed.

"I was a bit annoyed because the one girl I had my eye on incidentally turned out to be the Bachelorette," he said. "So I jumped through the hoops and applied and essentially made it through!"

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Ryan's entrance into the Bach mansion comes as a shock not only to the boys but also to Angie, who looks pleasantly shocked at Ryan's surprise arrival during a group date as the boys watched on suspiciously, trying to figure out WTF was going on.

"It was very full-on!" he said. "I had five dogs with me and then a whole bunch of guys death-staring me. I knew she was shocked, but at the time I couldn't tell whether or not it was a good or bad sort of shocked, but looking back on it I think it was well-received... maybe not so much with the boys!

"I think they didn't trust me because of Angie's brother going undercover earlier on, as in they thought there was something more to me. So when I said 'It's just dog stuff', they didn't really believe me and had a bit of trepidation towards me," he continued.

To see how Ryan's arrival is met by the fellow Bach boys, tune in tonight for all the ~drama~.

'The Bachelorette Australia' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and Win Network.

Image: Network 10