'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues From Episode 8

It's Finals Week, baby!

According to 'The Masked Singer' rules that we've just made up, the closer we get to the end of the competition, the easier they should be to crack.

And yet, here we are again, fighting about the identity of Spider who we're sure is Bonnie Anderson from 'Neighbours' or maybe it's Jessica Mauboy?

Here's everything we know about the final five contestants -- Unicorn, Spider, Wolf, Robot and Monster.

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Photo: Network 10.

Unicorn was "Locked Out Of Heaven" with this exquisite version of the Bruno Mars song, with Dannii putting her hand up for a ticket if she "ever puts on a concert".

What We Know 

  • She asked 'Have you ever met a Unicorn, have you ever'? which Dannii guessed could be a song title.
  • "When you do meet us, it is something you can never forget, we are the world," she said.
  • Unicorn said her species thrives on love and the "greatest Diva" loved her once, adding the question, "Will she again? Never say never".
  • She said, "this is Unicorn's gift to the world, you're welcome to sit back and breathe it in".
  • She's a singer, not an entertainer. She lives and breathes music.
The Masked Singer: Unicorn's Fifth Clue

The Judges' Guesses: Deni Hynes, Michelle Williams, Kelly Osbourne, LaToya Jackson, Katie Noonan.


Photo: Network 10.

There wasn't a dry eye on the panel as Spider sang Lewis Capaldi's "Someone You Loved" -- again, sounding different from every previous performance -- with Lindsay and Jackie reporting several cases of goosebumps.

What We Know:

  • Spider has been starstruck by the "amazing voices" she's hearing.
  • She sometimes feels like she's done it all, but "don't believe everything you've read on the web".
  • Spider approaches everything she does "with love" and has no venom in her heart.
  • She doesn't scare easily, because of her upbringing, and said it takes a lot to "turn her to jelly".
  • She wants to "spread the word and spread the joy".
  • She's a person of faith, she was "raised that way" but added that "doesn't mean I'm perfect, all of us make mistakes along the way because we're human".
The Masked Singer: Spider's Fifth Clue

The Judges' Guesses: Paulini, Jess Mauboy, Lisa Origliasso (The Veronicas).


Photo: Network 10.

Robot might be made of circuits and metal but he sure knows that "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" -- melding the Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus tune perfectly with Dolly Parton's (aka Miley's godmother) "Jolene".

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What We Know: 

  • It's no mistake that Robot has made it this far, "Robots don't make mistakes".
  • Robots "never tire" and "never go to bed".
  • He's been chasing his dream from an early age with his "head down, following the straight and narrow path laid out by others, all facing the same way".
  • Robot never forgets that "the family that plays together, stays together".
  • It's time for Robot to do his own thing so "Hold on".
  • He grew up as a competitor and loves to win. He wants to be the best, "not just the best I can be".
The Masked Singer: Robot's Fifth Clue

The Judges' Guesses: Zayn Malik, Nick Carter, Johnny Ruffo, Cody Simpson.

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Photo: Network 10.

Monster keeps chugging along with her smooth '80s radio ballads, busting out Roxette's "Listen To Your Heart". It wasn't quite as melancholy as her last two performances that got everyone a bit weepy, but it did solidify our suspicions that Monster just loves love.

What We Know:

  • Monster asked if we'd finally seen her "true colours".
  • She added that things aren't always as they seem, in front of a cracked mirror.
  • The Monster said that, in her daily life, she does a job that she loves that can be "hard and confronting".
  • Her most important job is being a mum to "our daughter" so being 'The Masked Singer' is the perfect gig.
The Masked Singer: Monster's Fifth Clue

The Judges' Guesses: Cyndi Lauper, Kasey Chambers, Gorgi Coughlan, Christie Whelan Brown.

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Photo: Network 10.

Awooooooooo! Wolf surprised us again with another left-of field song choice, resurrecting the boy band classic "Backstreets Back" -- alright? Dannii said she was feeling "Vegas vibes" with Wolf expertly charming the crowd with the help of some showgirls with feather headdresses.

What We Know: 

  • Wolf said, "You can't always trust the face you see" and then when he was younger, he achieved his dreams.
  • He was "surrounded by extraordinary talent and they all followed me".
  • Wolf reckons he was the "top dog".
  • Every time we see him sing, he's "packing more into my performance".
  • Wolf has always been an entertainer and was class clown as a child.
  • But people don't know how hard he's worked "doing gigs or cutting grass" when his mates were out partying -- and he still works hard every day.
The Masked Singer: Wolf's Fifth Clue

The Judges' Guesses: The wolf from the Backstreet Boys video, someone with a Jim's Mowing franchise, someone from Human Nature, David Hasselhof, Rob Mills.

'The Masked Singer' Grand Finale Airs On Monday, October 21 at 7.30pm -- Only On 10 And WIN Network.