‘You Were My High School Crush’: Osher Blown Away By The Masked Singer’s Lion Reveal

After a night of flawless performances, Lion unluckily landed in the bottom two and eventually removed her golden mask following weeks of speculation.

The panel were way off with their guesses that Lion could be Kate DeAraugo, Rebel Wilson, Tina Turner or Christine Anu and were blown away when one of the most vocally gifted Masked Singers revealed herself as…


Photo: Network 10.

“I absolutely love you, I listen to your music in the car every day! I can’t believe I didn’t guess you,” said Jackie O.

We wish we could have heard Kate’s unfiltered comments throughout the competition because her first spoken words were about how much she loved “having a head larger than her arse” in the giant Lion costume.

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But more importantly, she drew attention to the reason she was attracted to ‘The Masked Singer’ in the first place.

Photo: Network 10.

“This is a show of great virtue because although it’s really wacky being in a suit, you are without colour, age, gender -- it’s completely erased from what you are, you’re just free."

She added that she has a ”near 16-year-old daughter” whom she wanted to impart some ‘Masked Singer’ wisdom to.

“I want her to know that you can never, ever be fooled by even your own insecurities, you must always give it a good, hard crack. You might have failed but what fun you’ve had.”

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After waiting the appropriate amount of time so it wouldn’t seem too fan-boyish, Osher revealed that this was probably the most significant ‘Masked Singer’ reveal for him this season.

“Kate, I don’t quite know how to tell this to you but you were totally…”

“You love me,” she interjected, twirling around.

“You were my high-school crush,” he continued, to which she replied, “I know!”

We’re going to miss you, Lion!

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