‘It’s My Sister’s Song!’: Robot Impresses Dannii With A Classic Kylie Minogue Banger

It seems it has reached the part of the competition where the Masked Singers are pulling out all the stops to impress the show's discerning panel.

While it might seem like a huge risk to sing a classic Kylie Minogue tune in front of the pop icon's own sister -- Robot rolled the dice and triumphed with a re-worked version of "Can't Get You Out Of My Head".

The 2001 tune was given a fresh spin by the show's music director, who made the arrangement a little darker, and a little more heavy on the strings and it worked like a charm.

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"That's my sister!" Dannii proudly said, her mouth dropping within the first few beats of the intro.

Photo: Network 10.

While the song from Kylie's early 2000s album 'Fever' was given a 2019 makeover, Robot's dancers wouldn't have been out of place in the original clip, decked out in red futuristic/'Handmaid's Tale' visors.

Even the dance moves were reminiscent of Kylie's choreography, fitting in very nicely with Robot's whole aesthetic.

Photo: Network 10.

The song choice excited both Jackie and Dannii who were more than keen to explain the song and it's importance to Australian pop culture history to Lindsay.

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And they were particularly excited when they put a few pieces of the puzzle together with Jackie exclaiming, "IT WAS LIKE A ROBOT" when describing Kylie's signature millennium dance.

Photo: Network 10.

While Robot clearly has a very deep voice and is much taller than the diminutive Kylie, that didn't stop some members of the panel guessing that the Impossible Princess might be behind the mask.

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"Maybe it is Kylie Minogue?" Hughesy guessed, to which Robot pointed his little robot butt to the audience.

Photo: Network 10.

"What a trip that would be if it was actually your sister," added Lindsay.

A trip it would be indeed, but we're going to be pretty surprised if we see more than one Minogue on 'The Masked Singer' this week.

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