'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues From Episode 7

With just six mysterious singers left, the clues on 'The Masked Singer Australia' are getting shorter, and more confusing.

Every week it feels like two steps forward and nine steps back -- as soon as you think you have one celeb figured out, there will inevitably be a clue that arrives to undo all of your genius detective work and extremely niche Google searches.

Only the strongest performers are left and it's getting harder to work out who'll land in the bottom two, let alone the identities of the celebs behind the mask.

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If you've already got the Masked Singers all figured out, have a scan through these hints to confirm your suspicions, or, like us, maybe they'll completely throw you off the scent.


Photo: Network 10.

Nailing all the high notes in Maroon 5's "Moves Likes Jagger", Lion showed off her vocal acrobatics with a very fitting circus stage setting.

What We Know: 

  • Lion said that, like the top of the food chain should, she's just toying with the competition until she pounces.
  • Being a Lion isn't her job but she likes "the look" she explained while stroking her mane.
  • Lion is always on the move.
  • She explained that it's important that "the daughter should honour the father" and vice versa.
  • Visual clues included a framed photo of Queen Elizabeth in a party hat and a medal on a red ribbon.
  • She's got an "Indian tattoo where the sun don't shine".

The Judges' Guesses: Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson, Florence Welch, Christine Anu, Kate DeAraugo.

The Masked Singer: Lion's Fourth Clue

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Photo: Network 10.

Is Monster okay? She always seems like she's carrying the weight of the world on her furry shoulders and picks sad ballads like tonight's "All By Myself" by Eric Carmen (later covered by Céline Dion and Sheryl Crow).

What we know: 

  • She's a friendly monster that would "offer you the fur off my back or somewhere to sleep".
  • Where Monster comes from, people's thoughts were "all about going for gold" but she prefers to talk about other things and hear her words " drifting on the air".
  • Monster is used to solitude but has stepped out of the dark.
  • She once sang at the MCG for the AFL Grand Final.

The Judges' Guesses: Christie Whelan Browne, Sia, Magda Szubanski, Vanessa Amorosi. 

The Masked Singer: Monster's Fourth Clue

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Photo: Network 10.

Is it just us or does Spider sound like a different person every week? This time, she lit up the dance floor with David Guetta and Sia's "Titanium" which might put to rest any rumours that Sia's underneath all those webs (surely she wouldn't sing her own tune?)

What We Know: 

  • She knows Australian Spiders have a "dreadful reputation" but she's not like that, she wouldn't hurt a fly -- even though there appeared to be human bodies wrapped in webs hanging upside down on stage but OKAY, Spider.
  • Spider has done things no-one would expect, and hitting the heights for an Olympic sport was more than just a childhood dream that would lead her to the heart of Hollywood.
  • Performing for the young has been her own "PB" with Spider explaining it was "like heaven on earth".
  • Spider can sing prayers in a Papua New Guinea dialect although she hasn't in a long time.

The Judges' Guesses: Kate Miller-Heidke, Lisa Origliasso from The Veronicas (on stilts), Mel B, Jessie J.

The Masked Singer: Spider's Fourth Clue

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Photo: Network 10.

We finally got to hear Wolf's full version of "Shallow" after what seemed like years of hearing that tantalising snippet before the show started. And it didn't disappoint, with the panel noting that he nailed both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's parts in the song from 'A Star Is Born'.

What We Know:

  • Wolf loves playing pool and being at the centre of attention.
  • Said it feels like there's "electricity in the air, a spark, but maybe it's just a stage I'm going through".
  • The way Wolf looks is very important to him and he believes himself to be the "top dog" in the competition.
  • Wolf was pictured wearing a tool belt.
  • He loves to challenge himself and once walked 100km in 24 hours.

The Judges' Guesses: Adam Garcia, Jamie Durie, Hugh Sheridan, Peter Andre.

The Masked Singer: Wolf's Fourth Performance

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Photo: Network 10.

The cheeky Robot made a strategic song choice this week, performing a tune by Dannii's sister Kylie -- "I Just Can't Get You Out Of My Head" -- which she absolutely loved with the brave move paying off.

What We Know:

  • He insisted that "Robots were created to make the world more wonderful for humans" while holding an earth-themed beach ball.
  • Saltwater makes Robot's circuits tingle but he loves all oceans, "not just crossing the Atlantic".
  • Robot is not into heavy metal and bubblegum pop grinds his gears.
  • He doesn't use auto-tune.
  • He shared a clue "on the DL" that he's spent time with MC Hammer.

The Judges' Guesses: Frank Ocean, Psy, Johnny Ruffo, Charlie Puth.

The Masked Singer: Robot's Fourth Clue

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Photo: Network 10.

Last week we were "Crazy in Love" with her Beyoncé performance and this week, Unicorn gave us the G-rated version of Ceelo Green's "F*** You" with "Forget You".

What We Know: 

  • When Unicorn first roamed the earth, she travelled on the elements.
  • She's not a diva but she once stood behind the world's greatest one.
  • You can find her words on a 'B' track (Beyoncé, B-Side, Bananarama?)
  • Unicorn likes people to come to the fore and dance freely but her last dance was years ago.
  • She hopes her "brother in Texas" is proud of her achievements here.

The Judges' Guesses: Salt N' Pepa, Lucy Lawless.

The Masked Singer: Unicorn's Fourth Clue
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