Breaking Down Which Masked Singers Lindsay Lohan Could Know

It was one of the first mysteries before the show even began, with Dannii Minogue revealing that Lindsay Lohan may have had an advantage from the start.

Speaking to 'The Project' panel, Dannii said producers told LiLo, "You know -- personally know -- four out of the twelve people performing" but didn't go into much more detail than that.

"So she was like, 'Is it this person performing that I know or don't know?' and people who are singers disguise their voice," Dannii continued, "and then people who don't sing you wouldn't know what they sounded like so it's really hard!"

We're down to just a handful of masks left, so we thought we'd try to crack just who remaining LiLo could know -- and would that get us one step closer to cracking who is behind the mask.

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First up, the already revealed singers.

Of the six unmasked singers, ONE has revealed that he and Lindsay weren't strangers. Unfortunately for him, and for Lindsay, he must not have made much of a lasting impression.

Darren McMullen -- aka Prawn -- told Fitzy & Wippa after his unmasking that he had gotten to know Lindsay quite well years ago.

Photo: Network 10.

"When my mask came off Lindsay was like, 'Obviously I don't know you', and I thought actually we've met a few times," Darren said. "We were in LA at a massive house party, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Kardashian. Lindsay was there till the bitter end with me."

Aside from Prawn, we're pretty sure Lindsay didn't have ties to Nikki Webster or Adam Brand, so here are some of our other guesses as to which of her other mates could be under the remaining masks.


Breaking Down Which Masked Singers Lindsay Lohan Could Know
Photo: Network 10.

The adorable Robot has confounded the guessing panel since week one, with Jackie O pretty adamant that it could be newly minted BF of Miley Cyrus -- Cody Simpson. Twitter is also sure it must be Cody, but the one person who should know for sure said she definitely didn't think it was the case.

But when LiLo heard Jackie's guess, she was equally sure it couldn't be him.

"I'm not going to say Cody Simpson because my sister and him were dating," she said, "I've heard him sing so I know his voice."

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Wolf has been the bad boy of the season (or as bad as you can be wearing a faux-fur cuffed jacket while singing Shania Twain) and Twitter thinks they've cracked the case.

The consensus appears to be that Wolf is Rob Mills, who Lilo could know from his brief dalliance with her best frenemy Paris Hilton back in 2003. But Paris and Lindsay's trouble in paradise didn't really kick off until 2006, meaning Lilo knowing Millsy from that would be a stretch at best.

There have been other names that have popped up for the wolf including Adam Lambert. While chatting to Kyle and Jackie O, Adam was quizzed on if he was under the Wolf mask.

Refusing to answer yes or no, Adam kept repeating, "I don't know what you're talking about," when Kyle kept quizzing him.

A few other guesses the panel have thrown out for the wolf include Keith Urban, David Hasselhoff and Redfoo -- each of whom LiLo would definitely also be familiar with.


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'Studio 10's very own Sarah Harris has a theory about one of the singers, and it could explain the final person we can't quite figure out.

While Unicorn's identity is still under debate -- before the show kicked off Sarah refused to let her co-host Angela Bishop enter an office sweep.

"You won't be able to enter Ange because," she said trailing off. While Ange asked why she was barred from winning that sweet $17 sweep cash, Sarah added, "There's a lot of talk about you being the old Unicorn".

It's a stretch, but guess who had a bit of a chat with Linds before the show kicked off!

Other guesses for ol' Unicorn have included Deni Hines, Kelly Osbourne, Michelle Williams and... Chris Lilley?

With Monster, Spider and Lion also still in the mix, there's no doubt LiLo will recognise a few faces yet to be revealed.

Think you know who else it could be? We want to know. We'll have to keep watching as more singers are unmasked this week!

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.

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