Sex Scenes And Scandals: Olympia Valance Spills On The All-New Season Of 'Playing For Keeps'

Olympia Valance gave us all the goss ahead of our favourite WAGs returning for season two of 'Playing For Keeps'.

Last season, we were on the edge of our seats as we watched all the drama, affairs, and heartbreak unfold among the wives and girlfriends of the fictional Southern Jets AFL club in Melbourne -- not to mention the mysterious murder of Jack Davies (James Mason).

But if you thought season one was wild, then strap yourselves in, 'cos according to Olympia Valance -- who plays boss b*tch Tahlia Woods in the addictive series -- things are about to get even more dramatic.

"It takes place six months on from last season, where we didn't really know what was happening with the friendship between Kath (Madeleine West) and Tahlia after Kath slept with Tahlia's boyfriend, Connor (Jackson Gallagher)," Olympia told 10 daily. "So we see how that relationship turns out".

She continued, "And now that Connor and Tahlia aren't together anymore, she doesn't really want to be associated with being his girlfriend or estranged girlfriend -- she's just laser-focused on trying to get her business started."

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Tahlia's intense ambition and backstory is a far cry from her previous role as girl-next-door Paige Smith in 'Neighbours' -- something Olympia says has been a great deal of fun to portray.

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"Both characters were kind of feisty, but Paige was a bit immature and I found her to be way more childish," she said, adding, "Then there's Tahlia, who is just a boss -- and she's had to be since she was 16 when she was on her own."

"She's been successful from a young age, and she's incredibly driven -- I love that side of Tahlia because I definitely aspire to be like that, whereas Paige wasn't really like that."

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Along with Tahlia attempting to breaking free from her WAG title, Olympia dished that viewers are in for a whole lot more steamy scenes when it comes to her character as she navigates her newfound singledom.

"We began filming season two and produces were like, 'Remember when you said that we need more sex scenes in season two? Well you got it!'" she laughed.

"Filming sex scenes is not sexy in any way! Your heart is pounding out of your chest. I remember having to kiss a million people on 'Neighbours' and even then, no matter who it was, my heart would still be going crazy," she explained, adding, "It's not fun!"

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And while Tahlia is attempting to distance herself from her WAG title, Olympia has since gained it for herself, with the news that she's dating Essendon player, Thomas Bellchambers.

"I think there's a lot of similarities," she says of the reality of dating a football player. "When you go to a game, you see the wives and girlfriends that have been there for a while, and they're all together and they go out for lunches and dinners -- which is what we're doing on 'Playing For Keeps'."

"They're there every week to support their partners -- but in saying that, they've all got their own thing going on on the side. Obviously, we had a storyline in the show that involved the death of a player and a major cliffhanger -- so I don't know if that stuff really happens in real life!" she said.

"There obviously has to be some sort of dramatised storyline in the show, but when it comes to the day-to-day stuff, it's pretty legit".

'Playing For Keeps' Season Two Begins Wednesday, 16 October At 8.30 pm On 10 And 10 Play.

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