'I Hope He Learns From This': 'Bachelorette' Angie Kent Speaks Out On Jess Glasgow's Behaviour

She may be the bubbly blonde we first met cracking jokes on 'Gogglebox', but don't underestimate Angie Kent's ability to call someone out on their behaviour.

Following Thursday's episode of 'The Bachelorette', Noosa councilman Jess Glasgow has come under fire for his inappropriate behaviour towards Angie Kent, which culminated in a fiery confrontation that saw Angie boot the 36-year-old from the mansion.

While social media has taken aim at Jess over his unwanted sexual behaviour to both Angie and female crew members on the show, viewers have simultaneous praised the Bachelorette for her empowering speech in which she declared that she would "never let a man f**k with my sisterhood".

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"I didn't spend a lot of time on social media last night because it was really overwhelming, but I've heard from a lot of friends and family that it's going off," Angie told 10 daily.

"I'm very grateful for the support, but I really want to make it clear to everyone that there's no way in the world I want Jess to be bullied," she explained.

"Yes, I did my piece in the moment and stuck up for myself and women around me -- but there's no way I want him to be bullied online," she continued. "I want him to learn from this and move forward."

As the show premiered last week and we met the gaggle of men vying for Angie's heart, viewers immediately took to social media to voice their concern over Jess' troubling behaviour -- which, by the second episode, had reached fever pitch.

"It was hard to watch," Angie admitted about Thursday's episode. "I definitely knew in my gut that something was wrong -- but in those situations, everyone is getting to know each other and it's quite overwhelming."

She continued, "People are nervous, but there's a difference between having fun and being nervous and being totally inappropriate, and eventually it started to get a bit much -- you could see on my face that I looked uncomfortable and worried."

However, Angie revealed that one positive that came from having to watch back the episode was witnessing the reaction of the other men towards Jess' questionable comments.

"It was kind of beautiful to watch because I didn't see how much the guys had been affected by Jess's behaviour. Carlin came up to me -- Scot did too -- and they were really upset with some of the things that were going on," she said.

"I didn't realise how much was going on behind my back, so to see the men speaking up and seeing how upset they were was really strong and powerful," she added.

Asked if Jess had reached out to her following the show, Angie revealed he had attempted to contact her over Instagram.

"He actually messaged me right before the show -- there was no sorry. It was just like, 'I hope you know I was there for you'.

Angie told 10 daily that she did not respond to the message.

When asked what she would say to Jess given the chance, she said:

"After watching last night, I hope you really take something from this and learn that you can't treat anybody -- man or woman -- in a way that makes them feel that uncomfortable and continue to do it when people have called you out."

"Just really think about your actions and I just hope you learn from this."

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