Talk About A Blindside, The First 'Survivor All-Stars' Cast Have Been Announced

Just when you thought you'd have to wait a whole year for another round of idol hunting, backstabbing and juicy tribal councils, the Survivor gods have delivered!

For the first time ever in Australia, we're getting an 'All-Stars' version of the series, which means some of your cherished 'Survivor' faves will re-unite to size each other up around the campfire.

Introducing the first eight castaways to join 'All-Stars': David Genat, Mat Rogers, Mark 'Tarzan' Helaar', Nick Iadanza, Felicity Eggington, Phoebe Timmins, Henry Nicholson and Brooke Jowett.

If you noticed that one of your absolute faves, the King of the Jungle, was missing from that list, we're here to comfort you with the news that Luke Toki will be playing along from home and will be hosting an online show we can watch after 'All-Stars' airs for his very important commentary.

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Here's a little reminder of the evil geniuses we'll be watching on 'Australian Survivor' early next year!

David Genat

Hallelujah, the Golden God is returning after his blistering tribal council blindside in the last 'Champions vs Contenders' series where he left with an idol in hand.

Perhaps one of the most skilled players, and loveable villains, in the 'Survivor' franchise, he's coming back to (hopefully) scoff popcorn, turn on the fake tears and use his ~mentalism~ powers to form alliance webs all over the island.

Photo: Nigel Wright/10.

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Mat Rogers

Another beloved 'Survivor' player who was so confident he wasn't heading home in Season 3 he left with an idol in his hand. We have a feeling he and Dave might get along?

Photo: Nigel Wright/10.

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Mark 'Tarzan' Herlaar

The contestant who looks like Robin Williams in 'Jumanji' when he comes out of the jungle is heading right back into the chaos! Tarzan was part of the show in Samoa back in 2017 but the Queensland lime farmer lasted just 11 days -- here's hoping he's going to make a dent in his 'Survivor' PB.

Phoebe Timmins
Photo: Nigel Wright/10.

Phoebs was part of the Aganoa tribe in 2016 and the criminal lawyer from Sydney lasted 31 days and orchestrated some impressive plays, including the blindside that took down Craig.

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Nick Iadanza
Photo: Nigel Wright/10.

High-school teacher Nick is such a 'Survivor' super-fan that he even themed his 21st birthday around the show. it's been three years since he was in Samoa -- imagine the scheming he's been doing since then. He's probably copied last season's Andy and built a 'Survivor' obstacle course in his garden. Nick made it 37 days into the game last time, can he beat his record?

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Felicity Eggington 
Photo: Nigel Wright/10.

Another 2016 castmate, Flick made it painfully close to being Sole Survivor, with her torch only getting snuffed out on day 53. The super-fan said the experience changed her life and now she's ready for her second bite at the apple.

Brooke Jowett 
Photo: Nigel Wright/10.

Brooke has previously been in a powerful alliance with Flick but was then blindsided after 45 days because she's a massive threat. She won a whopping 21 challenges (tribe and individual) and her social game was devilishly skilful. Welcome back, Brooke!

Henry Nicholson 
Photo: Nigel Wright/10.

Henry flaunted his way into the Asaga tribe telling everyone he was a yoga instructor, keeping his marketing degree top secret. The beauty of All-Stars is, there are no secrets anymore, lies have been laid bare and everyone's done their research.

A fun fact? Henry was the first 'Australian Survivor' castaway to leave the game with a hidden idol in hand -- oops! He'll feel right at home with Dave and Mat, maybe they'll form an all-powerful alliance.

'Survivor All-Stars' Is Coming Soon -- Only On 10 And WIN Network.