'It Was Very Nerve Wracking': Beau Ryan Explained What He's Doing Between Legs Of 'The Amazing Race'

Have you ever wondered what the host of 'The Amazing Race' is getting up to while all the teams are frantically trying to make it to the next location?

Beau Ryan explained that he's actually not sunning himself on a beach or reading a book in the airport lounge and that, very often, he's cutting things a little fine himself to welcome the pairs to their new destination.

"At the start of the race, we were waiting for a long time at the pitstops but, by the end of the race, because I was doing a lot of challenges, I was legit one minute ahead of the race," he told 10 daily.

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"So it was very nerve-wracking, a lot of pressure and anxiety," he explained.

Beau added that there was a "bit of waiting around" for the slow-pokes of the comp in the first two weeks and that he really isn't a fan of sitting on his hands.

Photo: Network 10.

"I'm not good, I'm not patient," he said. "I don't like waiting around so it got better as the race went on, we were literally, by the last countries in Asia, we were one minute ahead.

"Not good for producers, but good for me," he cheekily added of the adrenaline rush of racing the contestants himself.

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Beau added that he spent a good "six hours" at a pitstop in a desert in Mongolia -- and realised that he was sorely lacking in an essential skincare item.

"I've never been a big advocate for [lip balm] but now I'm a big advocate for it but now I live by it because my lips physically come off!" he told 10 daily.

You can catch Beau and his crusty lips on 'The Amazing Race' in just a couple of weeks!

'The Amazing Race Australia' will premiere Monday, October 28 at 7.30 on Network 10 and WIN Network.