'Undercover Brother Claims His First Victim': Twitter Reacts To Angie's Bro Entering The Bach Mansion

Pretending to date your sister isn't a task many brothers would sign up for.

But Angie's sweetheart bro Brad agreed to swallow his urge to vomit and piled in with the 19 dudes drooling over his babin' sister on 'The Bachelorette'.

Brad performed a community service for Ange, and all of us watching at home, in being a Bach Detective, gathering intel about the real intentions of his sister's multiple suitors.

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Assuming his alternate identity as 'Mark' (he could have definitely picked a more fun name) Brad bumbled his way through questions about how strong his connection with Ange was and if they ~vibed~.

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He was notably one of the few lads not to give Angie his jacket in the freezing cold because, ew, as if you'd share with your sibling. But apart from that, his 'competitors' all agreed that he was the dark horse of the comp and seemed to be enjoying a very natural conversation with Ange.

Little did they know, he was snitching up a storm, informing her of his 'Naughty' and 'Nice' lists from his time on the ground, starting with Noosa politician Jess who definitely lied about the fact he said he'd refuse Angie's 24-hour rose.

At the end of the cocktail party (mercifully before the rose ceremony), Mark was revealed as Brad and the boys dropped their collective jaws.

This genius bit of 'Bachelor' trickery only failed in one way -- Brad should have been on set for at least the first few weeks to help weed out the chumps from the mansion. But at least he's attracted an army of fans who are going to petition for him to become the next Bachelor.

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