The Bachelorette 2019: Angie's Best One-Liners From The Red Carpet

'The Bachelorette Australia' has kicked off with a bang and, as always, our girl Angie Kent has brought the LOLs with her hilarious commentary.

Giving us life with her amazing one-liners we've come to know and love ever since her 'Gogglebox' and 'I'm A Celeb...' days, Angie proved that just 'cos she's glammed up and in the company of several strapping young lads, she's still the side-splittingly funny, down-to-earth gal she's always been.

Check out some of our favourite quotes from the premiere of 'The Bachelorette' below -- and get ready for a wild season!

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“Hot diggity damn, he’s one good lookin’ sort”

Voicing what all of us at home were thinking, Angie couldn't hide her thirst for smoking hot contestant Carlin Sterritt and his swoon-worthy baby blues as she immediately declared while the 31-year-old exited the red carpet, “Hot diggity damn, he’s one good lookin’ sort!”.

 “You’ve got muscles and you’ve got a dog!”

Clearly doing his research on our Bachelorette, firefighter Jamie pawed his way straight into Angie's heart by bringing a puppy to meet her on the red carpet -- though, it seemed Angie may have been a little too distracted by his four-legged friend.

“I don’t know who you’re more excited to see,” Jamie joked as Angie swooned over the chocolate lab, responding, “I haven’t even looked at your face, I’m not gonna lie!”

“You’re nervous?! You do backflips and s--t for a living!”

After riding in with some sweet moves on his bike to meet Angie, BMX pro Matt Whyatt revealed he was nervous to meet the Bachelorette, with Angie quipping, "You’re nervous?! You do backflips and shit for a living!”

Well, she's not wrong.

“Hooley Dooley!”

Unable to contain her excitement over the red carpet arrivals, Angie was heard exclaiming "Hooley Dooley!" about 100 times throughout the premiere -- and we love that!

"Sorry, everyone, I have to pull out a wedgie”

In a classic Angie move, she briefly asked everyone to hold up as she pulled out a wedgie from her chic gown -- and look, we've all been there. Never change, Angie!

“You have no idea how sore my little trotters are”

Angie was majorly thankful when contestant Jess brought a throne for our Queen to sit on, excitedly declaring, "You have no idea how sore my little trotters are!"

So that was all well and good for the Noosa local, that is, until he decided to gift Angie his LITERAL APARTMENT KEY (?????).

Rightfully, Angie voiced her confusion over the bizarre gift with a simple, “Seriously, mate?”

 “I think Jess is already in love with Noosa and they’re married, but he’s having a break from her -- but he really just wants to get back to Noosa”

Angie may be a chilled-out kind of girl, but don't underestimate this pocket rocket's ability to detect bullsh*t.

After being gifted his apartment key, Angie was super suspicious of Noosa politician Jess and his motive for coming on 'The Bachelorette', and immediately called him out, saying:

“This isn’t just a ploy to become mayor of Noosa, are you serious about love? You’re not just promoting your old Noosa?”

Thatta girl!

 “You know I love a bit of cray, I’m mad for a bit of cray!”

Hearing that her Undercover Brother Brad's top three list for his sister didn't include our already-favourite commentator Timm -- with Brad saying he "couldn't get a read on him", Angie revealed she's fond of a bit of a quirky dude.

“You know I love a bit of cray!" she told her brother, adding, "I’m MAD for a bit of cray!”

'The Bachelorette Australia' airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and Win Network.

Image: Network 10