'Can't Believe Angie Couldn't See That Ginormous Red Flag Around His Neck': Jess Sets Twitter Ablaze

While Angie Kent made fans swoon in her first outing as the Bachelorette, one of her potential suitors didn't impress.

While some bachelors brought puppies, flowers or even illustrations of Angie herself, 36-year-old Jess went in a different direction, lugging a throne up to the Bachelorette.

Wearing his cape (all night), Jess presented Angie with a key to Noosa before handing her a second key... to his front door.

Walking into the house, Jess made sure everyone knew he was there to stir the pot, including disrespecting our own Osh on his own turf!

There was also a moment when Jess told some of the other Bachelors if he was handed the 24-hour rose... he'd hand it back to Angie.

Unfortunately for the local politician, Angie's brother Brad was hidden in plain sight, undercover for the first cocktail party. Relaying what he had heard about Jess to his sister, Brad put the pollie in the firing line.

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When confronted by Angie, Jess wheeled back any comments he had made about not accepting the 24-hour rose, or any rose at all and tried to tell Angie that he was being set-up.

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Things got worse for Jess when Osher explained to the boys that someone was not who they seemed. Timm casually admitted he thought Jess could have been Angie's dad, adding "He's like 50 years old..."

But it was Jess' decision to pause for a loooooooong time after Angie (kindly) offered him a rose that really sealed the deal for folks at home.

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Especially after he had made the claim that he would hand back his rose, after accepting and heading back to the boys Jess snarkily asked, "How was my pause?" adding "That was golden, ay?"

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With a sneak peek of tomorrow night's episode including a confrontation between Angie and Jess, we can't wait to see how things turn out for Noosa's favourite son.

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