'Spitting Fire From Both Ends': Adam Brand Reveals Chest Infection Battle During 'Masked Singer'

In Tuesday night's episode of 'The Masked Singer Australia', the mysterious Dragon was finally revealed to be award-winning country music star Adam Brand.

And while singing on a national television show is enough to make anyone nervous, spare a thought for the new dad, who not only had to perform in a  massive Dragon suit -- but had to do it all while being sick during the second week of competition.

"I had a chest infection so I was taking antibiotics, but had some sort of reaction to them," the country crooner told 10 daily.

He added, "So basically, the dragon was spitting fire from both ends!"

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He continued that thanks to the physical restrictions of his costume, along with the chest infection, performing throughout the second week of the comeptition became incredibly exhausting.

"If you watch the second week and watch how I'm walking, I'm taking little baby steps so not to exert myself" he said, adding, "Normally I do a two hour concert and I'm fine, but at the end of doing a 90 second song I was completely out of breath!"

"By the end, I was so short of breath -- when Osher was speaking afterwards I was standing there thinking, 'I'm so glad I don't have to talk!'" he added.

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While his stint on 'The Masked Singer' may be done and dusted, Adam admitted that -- much like us -- he too has become swept up in deciphering the mysterious identities of his fellow contestants.

"I think the Lion is Kate Cerebrano because of her voice," he mused, adding, "The Unicorn I thought was Marcia Hines, but maybe it's Deni?"

He continued, "I had to be a soft spot for the Monster -- I thought her little character and her mannerisms were really cute. She was definitely one of my favourites."

"I thought the Monster might have been Jess Mauboy or Sammy Jade -- one of those little pop singers," he added.

As for whether Adam preferred his experience on 'The Masked Singer' or 'Dancing With The Stars' -- where he took out the Mirrorball trophy back in 2009 -- he doesn't skip a beat.

"'The Masked Singer' by miles -- there's just so much more theatre involved," he explained, adding, "I just think it's so unique, there are so many layers to it -- plus there's the whole guessing aspect to add to the fun of it all. It's like having a family game night!"

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.

Image: Network 10