Monster's Emotional 'Masked Singer' Performance Had Everyone Tearing Up

Who would have thought that a giant, one-eyed monster could make us cry?

Singing Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" surrounded by mirrors, Monster began the performance by whispering the song's iconic "Don't look at me" intro before turning around to face the audience.

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Despite the bulky costume and goofy one-toothed, ever-smiling Monster mask, she somehow injected the song with sorrow, hope and beauty all at once with a voice that was really feeling the whole theme of the tune from Xtina's 2002 album, 'Stripped'.

Photo: Network 10.

Even her little Monster claws, that have about as much reach as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, were telling a powerful story of self-expression that had the panel reaching for the tissues.

"I have chills everywhere," commented Lindsay.

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Monster nailed all the high notes and vocal acrobatics without running out of breath and kicked things into high-gear for the song's big finale before poignantly returning to her corner of mirrors, bowing her head.

Even Osher was noticeably moved after the song, giving Monster a huge hug.

Photo: Network 10.

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After Osher asked Jackie if she was okay after the emotionally charged performance, she replied: "I"m not, actually".

"I actually got really teary watching Monster perform that song, I felt really sorry for you, Monster. I hope that isn't an indication of the clues we've been given where you're maybe someone who isn't quite comfortable with fame," she said.

Lindsay agreed, saying she just wanted to cuddle the emo Monster, while Dannii complimented her command of the giant furry suit.

"You’re so expressive in your body even though you’re covered up," she said. 

While Spider and Dragon got us singing along, and Unicorn got us dancing, only Monster could make us cry like that.

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.
Image: Network 10