'I Thought Hughesy And I Were Catching Up For A Coffee': Luke McGregor Didn't Do His 'Masked Singer' Homework

Comedian Luke McGregor didn't get around to doing much prep before his appearance on 'The Masked Singer' panel.

Straight off the bat, host Osher asked exactly what kind of expertise Luke would be bringing to the talented table to which he replied, "I know a lot about superhero movies".

Which could come in handy... you just never know with 'The Masked Singer'!

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"I just thought Hughesy and I were catching up for a coffee," the 'Rosehaven' writer and actor added, which checks out because poor old Luke managed to make the panel's wildest guessers (Lindsay and Hughesy) look like homicide detectives cracking a cold case.

Photo: Network 10.

"I've gotta be honest, being on this show feels like when you wake up at school and you haven't done your homework but everyone else has? I feel like that."

Despite being somewhat enthusiastic, Luke made a few questionable guesses about the celebs behind the Prawn, Robot, Lion and Wolf masks.

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"Okay, it's a toy robot and he's in a box, Buzz Lightyear!" he guessed.

After Lion's performance, he asked whether the panel could "call a friend" before bravely throwing Michelle Obama and George W. Bush into the mix.

Photo: Network 10.

Luke might not have made any solid guesses but he can hold his head high in one respect -- he's the only person on the panel who's won a Logie Award (Best Actor for 'Rosehaven' earlier this year).

"Do either of you have any?" Lindsay asked when Lion's shiny statue was presented as a clue.

"He's won but it's bulls***" grimaced Hughesy as he pointed to Luke.