'The Next Thing For Me Is Prison': How The Jungle Prepared Angie Kent For Bachelorette

After her stint in the jungle, our Bachelorette Angie was sent to the bach pad to once again be put in lockdown.

While one experience saw Angie putting her mind and body to their limits, forced to face the harsh elements, horrifying challenges and feats of endurance -- the other was 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here'.

According to the 29-year-old, the jungle actually perfectly prepared her for once again being put in lockdown, something she now admits she's quite good at.

"I said the next thing for me is prison, and I reckon I'll smash it," Angie told 10 daily.

"You guys should come up with a show where you just lock Angie down and put her in weird situations," she added, "Jungle, finding love... and then just prison."

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While many of us balk at the idea of being away from our phone for an hour, let alone weeks of filming, Angie said it became a lot easier -- especially following her time on 'Celeb'. The only downside was not being able to run 'every single decision' past her mum.

"It was tough," she admitted, "but also really good because it was just all me then."

Her time on 'Celeb' also perfectly prepped Angie for another part of the filming: having to keep her part a huge secret.

"No one knew," she said, "Like they had no idea what I was up to, I was always busy but I was 'never doing anything' because I wasn't allowed to say!"

Once the secret was out, her friends and family were stoked for the former 'Gogglebox' star, but once the announcement went out she began to feel the nerves of what people might say about her. "But that just comes with anything you do, really," she said with a shrug.

There were other challenges Angie wasn't expecting, like the amount she'd have to talk about her feelings.

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"I've always been the person helping my friends with their relationships or helping my family with their relationships," she said. "So for me to have so much attention on how I feel and how I'm dating was just so next level.

"I've never done that. I've kept any kind of dating life of mine quite private, or I just haven't done it. I had to answer the question 'How do you feel?' like 50,000 times a day," she said. "I had to be so vulnerable -- in a different way to the jungle -- because it was my heart."

Saying that the experience allowed her to figure out that she's actually a "really vulnerable, emotional roller coaster human after all", Angie had to also confront her ideas of what it meant to be an independent woman.

"I always thought I couldn't have this career and travel life I'd envisioned for myself as a little girl and have a partner," she told 10 daily.

Growing up around traditional gender roles of "the man is the man and the woman is the woman" Angie said from a young age she rejected those strict roles.

"I want a career, I want to travel, I want to study, I want to live my life - find out who I am and I always thought a man would bring me down," she said.

"As I got older I realised, with the right person, you can still have all those things. You can have both. I needed to find that out myself," she said. The way she found that out was by being what she describes as "a ball-buster".

By prioritising everything else before relationships, Angie said it became a habit to actively push finding love away. "I'm not doing that anymore because I'm a big girl now," she added.

While she's been pushed out of her comfort zone, Angie said the dream outcome of 'The Bachelorette' process is really quite simple.

"As corny and cliched as this sounds," she said, "my dream outcome is to just be happy.

"To have a partner who embraces and takes on all o' dis and then I just embrace and take on them and we have our separate lives, but then we have our life together. And we just go on the best adventures ever."

"That was very Beyonce of me, wasn't it?" she said.

"I just wanna be happy."

'The Bachelorette Australia' Premieres On Wednesday, 9th October at 7.30pm on 10, 10 play and Win Network.

Featured image: Network 10.