'He Caused Such A Hornstorm!': Phoebe Waller-Bridge Explained The Allure Of Fleabag's Hot Priest

During her debut 'Saturday Night Live' hosting gig, Phoebe Waller-Bridge said that she's figured out the appeal of 'Fleabag's Hot Priest'.

The creator and writer of the hit British comedy explained that although it took her "six years and two seasons" to get actor Andrew Scott to dress up as a priest and profess his love to her, neither of them expected he'd become an international sex symbol.

"I called him Priest in the script but everyone started calling him Hot Priest," Waller-Bridge said during her SNL monologue.

"Obviously Andrew is hot but this priest character caused such a hornstorm, Andrew and I were trying to figure out what it was about him that was driving women so mental," she continued.

andrew scott hot priest GIF by Mashable

"And we boiled it down and realised it was because he was doing this one thing -- listening," Waller-Bridge said.

Not the sexy priest robe, or his (sort of) betrayal of the whole celibacy vow with the church or the fact that he's charmingly afraid of foxes -- his listening skills!

"Really, really listening," Phoebe added in a saucy way, adding, "try it, guys" as a helpful hint for anyone looking to emulate Hot Priest without joining the priesthood.

Phoebe Waller Bridge Yes GIF by Saturday Night Live

Waller-Bridge recently won three Emmy Awards for 'Fleabag' including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Outstanding Writing For A Comedy Series and Outstanding Comedy Series.

She was also up for gongs for her other wildly successful series, 'Killing Eve' which she briefly mentioned in her monologue, along with psychopaths, witches, sexual fantasies, and "all the genitals across America".

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"I'm not a sex addict because I wrote 'Fleabag' but I did write "Killing Eve' because I'm a psychopath," she joked.

"My most exciting ex-boyfriend wrote nothing, but was both!" she added.

Waller-Bridge continued on to say that her extensive research for 'Killing Eve', a show about an international assassin, led her to believe that everyone in her life was a psychopath, even accusing her housemate of being one.

"And he responded, 'I have empathy!', which I found a little unnerving but, you know, sexy," she smiled.

In other words, Phoebe gave us everything and more from what we expected of her SNL debut.

Main Image: Twitter/BBC America.