'The Masked Singer Australia': All The Biggest Clues From Episode 5

Is it just us or are these 'Masked Singer' clues getting even more ridiculous?

Right when we think we've figured out who's behind the mask, the next batch of clues arrives to bamboozle and confuse, leading us down a path littered with red herrings and a whole lot of sports trophies.

After Octopus (Gretel Killeen), Parrot (Brett Lee), Alien (Nikki Webster) and Rhino (Wendell Sailor) were revealed, the 'Masked Singer' group has dwindled to just eight.

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Episode 5 brought us performances from Prawn, Robot, Lion and Wolf and we've once again gathered the clues into one spot, only to stare at them blankly and guess Erin Brockovich for the seventh time.

Pencils and notepads at the ready, here's the latest batch of clues.


Photo: Network 10.

Prawn amped up the crowd with the first performance of the night, a very fitting rendition of Robbie Williams' "Let Me Entertain You". The one-clawed, one-gloved pirate Prawn even managed a trip around the audience, which is extremely commendable considering his limited vision.

What We Know: 

  • Prawn said he's "not from around here, so your local customs are quite foreign to me".
  • He has a reputation as a joker who turns the other cheek.
  • Pictured with a John Farnham's Greatest Hits record on vinyl.
  • Prawn's personal clue was a stack of skiing trophies, ski goggles and gloves as he was apparently "on track for a career as a professional skier" but his sporting interests lie elsewhere now.

The Judges' Guesses: Redfoo, Richard Wilkins, Ronan Keating, Brian McFadden, Red Symons.

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Photo: Network 10.

Emerging from a very sweet action-toy package, Robot let us hear his saccharine voice again with a cover of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber's "I Don't Care".

What We Know: 

  • Robot was pictured strumming on a guitar that had USA, Florida and Hawaii stickers on it.
  • He says it's not easy to communicate with everyone, which is annoying because he can be "extremely social".
  • We saw a table stacked with three black hats, a bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and a pile of Russian dolls.
  • Robot was "very privileged growing up" and found himself surrounded by those who shared his passion.
  • His personal clues were swimming trophies, won around the same time he "first made a splash".

The Judges' Guesses: Aaron Carter, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Bruno Mars, Buzz Lightyear.

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Photo: Network 10.

Fresh from her Matrix-inspired performance last week, Lion gave us a powerful yet poignant version of David Bowie's "Heroes".

What We Know: 

  • Success came young to Lion, who can barely remember a time when people didn't know her name.
  • Lion knows that "life never goes where you think it will if you choose the prey in front of you and chase it down".
  • She's been open about her life and the "joy I have in my little pride".
  • Photos of '90s supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Elle McPherson and Cindy Crawford were shown off.
  • Lion's personal clue was a Logie award that "only a few people have won in my category since I did".

The Judges' Guesses: Tyra Banks, Tina Turner, Tziporah Malkah.

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Photo: Network 10.

Wolf has a knack for picking the perfect song, the ideal karaoke partner! The furry crooner took us to the '70s with The Trammps "Disco Inferno" complete with flares-clad backup dancers.

What We Know: 

  • Wolf said he likes to roam but isn't in the same place he started.
  • He cryptically added that he "may have been in excess in what I've done but I have discovered that fighting my way to the top is like climbing a greasy pole".
  • He's a notorious predator, like a hawk! (Pictured blowing a whole house down).
  • Wolf's personal clue was a lawnmower and he explained that he knows he can be a "wolf one day and lamb roast the next".

The Judges' Guesses: Jemaine Clement, Altiyan Childs, David Byrne, Jon Stevens.

'The Masked Singer Australia' airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30 on 10 and WIN Networks.