Shoulder Sausages And Nipple Chips: 'Gogglebox' Learns About The Art Of Body Painting 

Forget paper, glass or plaster -- the Goggleboxers have found their new favourite art medium.

It's all thanks to a show called 'Skin Wars: Fresh Paint' that challenges contestants to create masterpieces using a living, breathing, fleshy canvas.

Hosted by RuPaul Charles of 'Drag Race' fame, the show invites artists from different backgrounds (cake decorators, tattoo artists, illustrators) to navigate the nooks and crannies of the human body to produce a work of art.

Photo: Network 10.

The program piqued the interest of a few Goggleboxers (we're looking at you Keith, Patrick and Jad), who were particularly interested in the detailed brushstrokes in certain areas of the human form.

"I tell you what, I wouldn't be allowed on this show," Jad explained.

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Sarah Marie agreed, saying: "They'd be like, 'Jad, there's enough detail on that nipple.'"

Anastasia and Faye were also fans, with Ana admiring the artistry of one painter who had "really enhanced the nipple".

Photo: Network 10.

The number of nipples on-screen even started causing some mild confusion with Keith mixing up the show's final call for the artists to finish up their work.

"Tits down!" he said before Lee corrected him.

"Brushes down!" she glared.

The contestants who best created their 'happy place' on their human canvas moved through to the next round -- camouflaging their model to disappear into the menu of a currywurst food truck.

Photo: Network 10.

Painting sausages on to shoulders and hot chips onto nipples, the 'Skin Wars' contestants continued to mesmerise the 'Gogglebox' households.

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"How freaky is that?" Stacey Jackson exclaimed as the model disappeared into the food truck, cleverly disguised with menu items.

Photo: Network 10.

As the judges announced who'd be taking home the competition's $10,000 prize, Keith explained that he'd known exactly who the winner would be.

"I thought her one looked good, I know me painting Lee!" he said.

"Especially when there's tits involved," his wife replied.

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