'Let's Not Waste Our Time With That Baboon': Chelsea Handler Refuses To Talk Trump

Chelsea Handler stopped by 'The Project' and explained that leaving the United States means she gets an excuse to completely avoid President Trump's Twitter page.

Although Waleed Aly was keen to hear the American's take on the state of US politics, the comedian firmly explained that she didn't want to be drawn into the president's latest spray against the Democrats.

"The great thing about being out of the country is that... any time I have an opportunity to leave the country while Donald Trump is the president, I take it.

"So if I can take a break from reading his tweets, I enjoy that immensely because I used to have a problem," she said, adding that she was "not familiar with the last 24 hours and I want to keep it that way".

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Waleed, who was definitely itching to tell Chelsea what Trump had been up to, tried again but knew it was probably a fruitless effort.

"Because I have it here, I could read it out, you're telling me to shut up and move on?" he asked.

"Yeah, let's not waste our time with that baboon, okay? He's just not worth our time, I just want to fast forward to the next election," she said.

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Chelsea's approach to the Trump presidency is what inspired her book, standup show and the tour she's now brought to Australia, 'Life Will Be The Death Of Me'.

"After Donald Trump got elected I was not in a good mood for a long time, and I was just so outraged and I had such a high level of anger that I said, ‘I have to go see a professional about this’ because I really wanted to be part of the solution, not just someone who was bitching and moaning about Donald Trump," she told 'The Project' panel. 

"I wanted to make change or have an impact or help people understand politics better or voting, blah, blah blah," she added. 

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The comedian said going to therapy and "getting clear" on all of her issues, she came to the realisation that she could help other people with theirs by writing about her experience.

"All the stories are funny, they're embarrassing," she said of her journey. 

"When you try to become a better person, I started meditating and I'd spend ten minutes every morning meditating and then I'd go to the grocery store and get into a fight with a six-year-old.

 "So, you make progress and then you backtrack," she explained. 

You can find ticket info for Chelsea's Australian tour 'Life Will Be The Death Of Me' here

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